Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Refining the new do!

Well I think I am finally satisfied with the new haircut!!!!
It takes awhile and a lot of refining when I get my haircut but here it is the final finished product!!! I really like it!
The only thing is when my hair is so short - and this is the first time its ever been this short, I feel the need to clean it up once a week so lets see if I can handle the growing, seriously a smidge of new growth feels like 5 inches!

HMMM??? Maybe I should have taken a picture of the back so you could see how short and cute it is! That probably would have been a great idea!


Lena's Life said...

and to think...I was sitting in that chair earlier getting my new do done to...Love the photo corner! Love the pic of you...

michelle said...

a birthday haircut!!!!

LOVE IT!! so cute!! i know u and i know u will want to go weekly for cuts! too bad you cant figure out how to do it yourself!!! ha!

Jeff said...

You know I love it. Do I have to repeat myself? lol Happy birthday in about 2 hours. I will be passed out by midnight!