Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Stay Tuned

The Bachelorette Party is this weekend ...stay tuned for pics next week!

Last night at the bridal shop....

I wish i could show you all the pics from our first fitting, but I can't , I can only let you have a few sneak peeks, and that will be that til October! But we had fun last night I wish I could share with you my walk down Bridal shop with my tomato pin cushion bouquet, but just can't share that much right now! This is my photographer that follows me and my entourage...lol...Not really, she is really my best friend who just takes pics of everything that we do and I love it!
This is me making a wierd face...

This is my dad waiting patiently, surounded by white and crazy girls! Crazy Brides to be and crazy bridal shop employees...
This is Ivy the seamstress, I think she has her work cut out for her especially with me! This is her doing her thing with my bridesmaid Liz, I think I will let her wear the hat the day of the wedding what do you think?
This is my mom, I love this pic of her, I feel like I really know what she is thinking!
This is Billy's sister, I really love these different dresses on these girls, I love each and every one of the dresses that they picked. I can't wait to see them all together!
This is Katie doing her thing - fluffing up the dress!

Monday, August 13, 2007

my fiance is seriously silly at times!

My Fiance is seriously a funny guy. We need pictures of us because my friend the photographer wants them for a serious thing - its called our wedding! This is what he gives her.... I feel like I can hear him being a smart ass, saying yeah!!!! happy pics!!!!! I love him to death even his smart ass side! Thank goodness sometimes he can be serious and remember this is serious! In the first one he is being a nice guy! Thank Goodness!!!! Thanks Michelle for puting up with us!


I think i am very lucky in the friends department. I have some relationships with people that i have maintained forever and i make new friends all the time, some friends that i rareley see, some friends we just keep in touch and some friends just are always around...I am sure you get the point! But here are some pics of me and Michelle and Kristen. Michelle has been in my life since birth - we were two weeks a part and we switched b-days and i don't know that i really know life without her - because no matter where she goes or what she does, our friendship never goes away! Kristen and I know each other through Michelle, but she has been around since grade school! The three of us have gone through all the mile stones in life and its nice that we are all always around!
PS. Michelle I think you should let me post this pic with the flotation devices in my shirt - it was a classic picture for us to seriously crack up at!!!!! Can you send me that pic, this is me begging..PLEASE, PLEASE, PRETTY PLEASE!!!!!

Monday, August 6, 2007

Baileys Christening Day

Sunday was Bailey's christening! I can't believe Bailey looks so much like her brother, its really amazing. I would have taken a picture of Aiden but he won't come near me, I mean "hur" because I cut his hair and he is under no circumstances getting a haircut these days, so a picture of Aiden was out of the question. I feel so bad that I traumatize him but I have to remind myself he is three and I just do not fit into his idea of a good day! Anyway Bailey is a beutiful little tiny baby and we are so happy she is finally here! Look at the difference between her and Madison, they are only ten days apart and they look three months apart! Bailey is deffinately a teeny tiny squirmy worm!


Dana and Madison

Dana and Madison ...
She looks so much like her daddy its amazing, but she is a girly girl just like her mommy for sure...

I can't believe how big little miss madison is getting! She was a peanut when she was born, but the little monkey is growing to be so beautiful. I have to say I am quite envious of her long eyelashes. I know these pictures do not do her any justice at all, because this little sweetie is beautiful! I fell in love the minute I saw her and we hung out all afternoon and we took walks and we laughed and she napped a little. She really is such a sweet little thing! I can't wait to see her again!!