Friday, December 19, 2008

Happy Phillies,Steelers,Pixos,Ugg Day with a Nascar Cake on top!

Two weeks ago was Molly's 9th Birthday.
I love this kid and just looking at her makes me smile and laugh and cry all at one time.
This little girl is one I have watched grow since the minute she was born. That little peanut at almost 5 pounds instantly became my little sidekick and she is still a peanut even if she is 9 years old.
This year she wished for some webkins, a Phillies hat, shirts that have holes for your thumbs (apparently this comes in handy so you look cool when your riding your skateboard), a steelers jersey for every player on the starting line up, anything Nascar Kasey Kahne, and real ugg boots.
Guess what I got her??

I feel like she is a mirror image of all the people in her life....

There is a little bit of all of us in her, somehow I reflect most in the feet, but being the shoe fanatic that i am I will take that as a compliment!!!
Heck I am just exited to be in there somewhere!!

Sometimes she makes a face....
I see a face that Kevin or Sean made when they were little....

These are deff Sean faces!!

She is growing up so much and she does things like tell me a joke that I used to tell in 5th grade and she thinks its brand new and I act like its the funniest thing I ever heard, and it makes me feel sooooo old!!!!!! And it makes me think, I remember this, I remember feeling cool and thinking I was telling my parents and family new things, and now I think I realize they already heard it too, but they made me feel like I was entertaining them with something new too!

...I guess life is full circle...and I guess I know what has yet to come!
I can't say that makes me happy but it doesn't make me sad either, well maybe it actually makes me both. But here she is being 9 years old whether its typical or not I don't care she is deff. expressing herself and I can only encourage that she does so with nothing but a smile on her face and that will be fine with me.
I wish we could celebrate the numbers backwards because sometimes I miss that little demanding baby who refused to wear shoes, and the toddler who imitated me smoking a cigarette so well it got me in trouble, and that little girl who danced around the backyard in her d's and refused to wear a shirt because her brothers didn't have to, and all though she may wish I didn't remember these things one day, these are the things she will forever be famous for in my heart!
Happy Birthday Molly Bean!


Jeff said...

She definitely has originality compared to other 9 year olds. She's so much older seeming b/c she's mostly around older people. She's got Kymm, Kevin, Sean, Sam, me, and you to help her with what's cool. Haha I hope the "I Love Jeff" phase she's in never ends!

Lena's Life said...

Love the PIXO'S! Im glad they were a hit!!!!

Beth said...

What a cutie! I can't believe she is nine already!