Sunday, December 7, 2008

Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!! WARNING: This is a long one!

Sooo we will start with the getting ready!!! Olivia cane down to get her hair and make up done first and from that moment forward I was on a roll and by the time it was ceremony time everyone was ready to roll and beatiful!!!!

I love Hunter, first thing in the morning cracking up at his echo and laughing at everything, It was like he was the sunshine, so happy to be awake!!!!

Uncle Larry and my dad were just chillin while the beauty salon was going on behind them, it was so cool how they could get ready so easily without having to go through hair and make up - guys have it soooo easy!

The finished products are looking so good. You can't really see them all because some people had places to be by 1pm and the rest of us had a 4:00 deadline! It was a lot of fun being in on the action!

Only thing left was to get myself ready!!!!
So I am having trouble locating some ceremony pics (don't laugh people, I did not make it to the ceremony - what are my famous words...I can't do wedding hair and see the wedding ceremony, its not really possible, and when I do a nervouse breakdown happens somewhere in between! haha) So I know they are on flickr but I must be experiencing a blonde moment so if anyone has advice for me - leave me a comment and help a girl out!!
Oh Yea, so now its party time!!!

Look these cute Katulka Girls!!! I think there is a new addition to the Katulka Girls lets see if we can find her1!!!

I love this pic of Caleigh and Aunt Shell dancing!! Caleigh Face cracks me up, makes me want to dance! I also love the pic of Aunt Shell and Chris, but I can't help that it makes me nosey, like I know I can join in with her and Caleigh and since the one of her and Chris is the grooms dance with his mother and I know I can't join them, but I can't help but wonder what they are talking about??? At least I know its good stuff because they are smiling :)

There is me singing into my beer - I know your not surprised!
And look how happy my Nonna is, seriously I never knew she could break it down the way I saw her break it down at this wedding, Seriously she was def. shaking what her mama gave her, I was amazed!

Here they are!!!! Here is the happy couple!!!!!!

I caught a little bit of a text conversation going on here, so I snapped this pic, no big deal, but Aunt Beth this is the proof pic for you!!! LOL!!!

So the fun is just beginning!!!

This is the best Livie face!

Love these pics! These people came to get down!!! Love it!

and apparently so did me, Caleigh and Nonna...yup you read it right Nonna came to get dooowwwwn!
This is us creating a scene to "Footloose" and Nonna recieved a standing ovasion from a waiter who stood by and watched my Nonna break it down!


EL said...

Dana - Love your dress!! so cute!


Looks like alot of fun!! I love your dress!!

Kristen said...

Dana, great pics! I am in LOVE with that dress! I must have it! Where did you get it?

michelle said...

LOOOOOOOOVE the dress!

Daily dose of Dana said...

I love that you all love my dress!!! I actually got it at Davids Bridal, It was in their party dress sction and I loved it too!!!! It was actually the first time I was excited about a dress!!! Thanks girls!!!

Calebearqt said...

Ok so if I still went on Myspace, the picture with me and and your dad would so be my default picture! LOVE IT! What did he say? Like Uncle like Neice? HA!

Daily dose of Dana said...

wait i love that pic too cale, I couldn't leave it out of the blog - it really was soo darn cute!!!

Memories of us said...

Dana, I really love your dress. Where did you get it?

Memories of us said...

Nevermind.. just read your comments.. David's Bridal LOL

Jeff said...

Alright you look so cute. As usual! You're adorable. You can't help it. Your mom and dad look really good too. Rock on to them. Everybody looks so happy, it looks like a really good time. Where were the pics of Bill? He couldn't get in FRONT of the camera for one? Haha I don't know what flickr is, or else I'd help you. Sorry! And I saw the pic of you singing in to your beer and I definitely thought you were singing in to a microphone for real and singing in front of the whole reception! But then you said that it was your beer. I was so sad that I missed you singing in front of a crowd! lol