Sunday, September 28, 2008

Look who had a baby!!!

Billy stopped over Steve's house last week and had the pleasure of meeting his new baby Cole, love the name, and I was so jealous because he is sooo cute and I just wish I got to see all that hair in person! Seriously I never saw sooo much hair on a baby, but look how freaking cute he is!!! Cole is about 5 weeks old, and I can't wait to meet him myself!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Hunter James is looking so cute these days!!!

When Hunter was Christened I bought him this awesome outfit from Baby Gap, and it had this cute hat!!! Here is Hunter with his cute hat on!!! I think this kid is sooo cute and I love his little smile!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Finally!!!! We are a Nike Shox Family!

I WIN!!!!!!
I am so happy after 13 years of the same old ADIDAS sneakers, my husband finally caved and let me talk him into a pair of Nike sneakers, not just any Nike sneakers, but a pair of freaking shox!!!! Billy knows I have an obsession with shoes, esp sneakers and flip flops!!! I used to have a different pair of sneakers for every day of the freaking week in high school!! Oh yea and when I was in private school cheering, I was part of a rotating captain team, well our skirts were blue with red and yellow plaid - sounds gross but they weren't all that bad!! I wore blue Nike's for regular games and red ones when I was a captain! Anything to set me apart from all the regulars! Anyway now that we have walked down memory lane for a split second, I am completely obsessed with my 5 pair of Nike shox that all posess the color pink!
Somewhere on the shoe is something pink!! Billy bought me a pair for Christmas last year and so we posed our newest sneakers together so you could all see We are finally a NIKE Shox Family!!!!!!!!!

Billy's Birthday dinner at Bella Torre

To celebrate Billy's Birthday we went to Bella Torre in Langhorne. We had a very nice dinner with my parents, who surprised Billy with a new macro camera lens for his D80. The lens is actually pretty ridiculously awesome and I know he can't wait to use it for more pics!!! These are just some of the sample pics that he took while we were at dinner!! The first one is a nice pic of my parents and then of Billy's fave dessert ever, TIRRAMASU??? I have no idea how to spell that!!! I don't like it very much so I din't really pay attention to its proper spelling! Then he just took some randon shots of me - I have an obsession with naturally long lashes,for special occassions I will grab some falsies from the MAC counter but just for the outer corners where I lack in length, and I am a freak for trying new mascara....blah blah, oh yea this isn't about me, hahaha!!! Anyway I love the eyelash picture!!!

Happy Birthday Billy :)

Last Sunday we were celebrating my husbands 34th birthday, I know - its been a long week!!!
Anyway we decided to have a home cooked meal, yes you heard the undomesticated queen, I actually did cook for my husband!!! At 5:00 he said he would like a pot roast, and I said and your second choice would be?? LOL, I have never cooked a pot roast, just a pork roast once for him, and I didn't actually cook it, the crock pot did, so if I had to cook in a crock pot he wouldn't be eating til midnight!
So Pepperoni chicken it was!!!!

This was Billy's Birthday Cake, Its his #1 favorite!!!
It is vanilla cake with peanut butter butter cream iced filling, with peanut butter chocloate icing topped with peanuts and reese cups, got all that!!! Well it looked pretty nice too!!! Billys brother Shaun came over and my cousin Jeff who heard Peanut Butter Chocolate cake was in the area came over too!!! Peanut Butter is an irrisistable thing in this family!!!

We had a lot of fun and I have to say Billy and I had the next day off from work, we had big plans to do something, but we stayed up so late partying hard with cake and milk, (ya no milk 4 me, gross!)that we stayed home and cleaned and then did some local shopping the next day - nothing as mayja as we wanted!! Anyway I guess thats what being in your 30's is all about, truly learning to relax after your 20's!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Hunters Christening

Look who was christened this passed Sunday. It was a beautiful day too and a wonderful celebration!!! I have to confess the day was quite beautiful for a wonderful drive too!!! (lol) I picked up my mom and my nonna and we were an hour late to the after party because we got lost! After all that talk about my wonderful sense of direction and google maps decided to totally steer me wrong - even worse then mapquest ever did! Caleigh, we do apologize!!! and we will just blame google maps for this one Moorestown, Cinnaminson, who knew they really were so close?? LOL!

above pic is Uncle Bob, Hunter, Caleigh, Chris and Aunt Michelle
Below is Olivia(Godmother) and Caleigh, Hunter Chris and I know that is Hunters Godfather, but I don't know his name!(Sorry Caleigh, lol)

All in all things did turn out well and we actually did make it before the celebration was over. I didn't have a camera so I had to steal these from Aunt Michelle, Thanks Aunt Shell for sending them to me!
Anyway from there we had the most fun following Aunt Shell from Cinnaminson across the Talcony Palmyra, where apparently they don't ever know what lanes are opened or closed - It was the craziest toll bridge trip ever. I swear they were playing musical toll booths and my nonna, who can't hear very well was suddenly directing me on which toll booth to go to, and I don't think she realized that as they were opening they were instantly closing and the signs were eratically changing and traffic was backing up and it was suddenly a traffic jam. We finally pulled up next to Aunt Shell's car and my mom said it best, but we will just keep that as an inside joke, it was great though, Someone had to let it out!!!!
Anyway back at Nonna's, and time had just slipped by us before we knew it, it was 7pm and we had just spent a little over 4 hours just being girls, and seriously it was super fun. I can't think of the last time we just relaxed with each other and enjoyed each others company, I think I will never forget this day and I half think we would still be there if it wasn't for the hunger pains!!! So of course we had to end the night by going to dinner, and that was fun too!