Monday, March 30, 2009

Moody Miserbale Martini Saturday, from the Party bus, to the pass out Taxi, to home with no keys...

Oh what a night!
Thats all I can say about Saturday, Liz's 30th birthday...
Well, we all know about my husband and how much he loves to go out, ;)
But he does get ready and go, and despite all his unhappy miserable thoughts of ways to get out of going, he ends up having a blast...some times...
Well needless to say NOT TODAY, and I will totally admit its 100% my fault!!!

look how he humors me...

Ok so here is the rundown of the day...
I work at Karma all day - leave at 4, go home to see my loving happy husband. Do some running around, grab a few things go home get ready, and by 8ish we are off to Liz and Mario's to load the Party bus, (which I will have you know Billy said this was a disasterous idea that would just cause people to get more drunk...little did he know his wife would be the biggest offender...Poor guy)
So I brought a bottle of Pomegranite Martini to Liz's, I am not a big beer drinker, and since I have turned 30, every major event turns into a major diaster when it comes to me and alchohol. So I figured I would play it safe and drink my usual and stay "safe" so this way no one was mixing me anything strong and nothing crazy would happen. Well my intentions were good, please keep that in mind...
So we are at Liz's I had two small drinks, seriously like small orange juice size glasses, and then I had a small empty water bottle, filled it up with my pomegranite martini. The bus came, and we were all warned $500 bucks if you get sick on the bus, you had to pay for it. So I went into the kitchen and grabbed some trash bags just in case. I figured this was smart of me - can we say "JINX" because I def. jinxed myself, right then and there. So bus was here and we all piled on!!!!
When I mountain climbed the cooler in my new wedge sandals, holding my wad of trash bags, someone should have sent me home then, I just can't help myself, I love to have fun and I love to be silly!

(see my bottle)

So we got on the bus at 9 something and from there time was lost...
When we got to Mad River in Old City Philadelphia, and we stood in line I had to do what every girl has to do after a long bus ride, and that was an event all in itself!Thanks to Helena for the buddy system!
So then I got my groove on and then I am not sure what happened next thing I know I am outside, getting sick, getting in the cab - Billy asking me to identify busses because my keys were on the bus and his keys were in my car at Liz's and I couldn't help him because they all were white with no lights on...I could barely open my eyes, so we called my dad, and that was when I knew this was a night I would never live down. Thank goodness my dad is a good sport and thank goodness I wasn't putting him out because that thought was making me feel even worse (the next day).
So I was good in the cab, he had to pull over once on 95, and that was pointless, I think at that point I was just experiencing motion sickness from the good old cab drivers excellent driving skillz!
So we finally arrive home, and my dad gives me the good old laugh, the one that stayed in my head, it was even in my dream all night long...
I woke up with the worst feeling everywhere, and laying next to a wawa turkey hoagie, As soon as we got home my darling husband who is forever taking car4e of me ran out to get food because he knew I didn't eat all day and thus this was the end result! These hangovers get worse and worse as the days go on, The older I get the worse off I am. I can't let this happen again, I am obviously not the same girl I was when I was in my twenties, even though I love trying to convince myself that I am not old. I promise lesson learned, for now anyway!!!
Well after talking to Liz later that next day, apperently it was a domino effect- I just happened to be the first to go down! LOL...and HAPPY 30TH BIRTHDAY LIZ!!!!


I am thinking of this day....
Can anyone guess why.....?
I do love this pic, there is so much happening in it, guess you had to be there but it was beautiful and fun, despite all the taery eyed faces, and I just miss those days!!! Well here is to more days like this one - I am thinking today or tomorrow may be a repeat!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I found a message from a cute little leperchaun in my e-mail today :)

So I am not sure if I ever introduced you to MacKenzie, she is my cousin Tim and his wife Rebecca's new little baby!!!! Anyway, she has the best little smile ever and I love that she wanted to wish me a Happy St. Patricks day and I couldn't wait to share it with you!!!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

When Irish Eyes Are Smiling, Some Camera Eyes Are Spying, and Don't Eat My Shamrocks at Karma...(WARNING: Picture overload!!)

We had plenty of green hair here for the St Patricks day Parade that took over New Falls Road today for about 2 hours, they said it would be 90 minutes but it wasn't over til 12:30 and we were right at the beginning, and it was sooo much fun!!!! (what a run on sentence that was!!)

But it was a great idea and we did have fun!!! This is Kymm and John above posing with all the green hair!!!
When I was on my way to work at 9 am the cars were already parking on the side of the road and people were claiming their spots for the annual St. Patricks Day Parade!!! Kymm sent me a text and was wondering if I brought my camera, and ya know what was so funny about that? I actually did have it!!!! (I had to go back home for the memory card but I did have the camera!!!)
Anyway before the parade even started 3 little girls wandered in and were requesting if we did green hilghlights, and little did they know we were ready for them!!!!

So the plan was, while we weren't busy during the parade because no one would be able to get into our parking lot we would hit the street with green hair and glue and start selling some green hair for the festivities , and so thats what we did - I wandered around sneaking in some pics, because I just love any event, especially an Irish event and especiall one where people get a little crazy!!! Like this guy below!!!!!

We had Irish dancers...

We had a mummers string band, check out the muscles!!!!

We had crazy hats and crazy shirts....

Not to mention some crazy Irish Clowns!!!

We even had an Arab Lui Lui Band??? They were in the spirit with their green and isn't everybody's Irish on St. Patricks Day!!!!

Oh and look we even had John and Kymm selling their green hair on the streets!!!!

and suddenly we had Yvette too!!!!

More crazy hats...I like the one that looks like crazy hair!!!!

I love this kid watching from under his hat, sooo adorable!!!

This is fun, but I thought leperchauns were small, unless this guy is suppossed to be the irish version of the Jolly Green Giant?

And maybe this is supposed to be a smal leperchaun!!!!

Ooops, I just got caught spying on Kymm and Yvette with the camera...

...but nows my chance for a photo opp!!!

So back at the shop, Don't eat my shamrocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

John, me and Kymm...

The cold air must have been getting to us, because suddenly we got super silly...

OR maybe it was just the Irish Princess in me!!!!!

so when I got home and downloaded to 600 pics we took I found out that Kymm was spying on us with the camera too!!!

hahaha that's not my hand!!!! LOL!!!

Here we go again!!!DON'T EAT MY SHAMROCKS!!!!!!!!

Oh and here is the proof we actually did work today!!!!

Kymms client brought in her daughter for her first haircut!!! She was so cute, she pointed at me and my shamrock's that Kymm was chomping on and she said "Bee", I hate bees but it was so cute I pretended to be a bee for her. Then she just kept pointing at me and saying bee eveytime I walked by her!!! ADORABLE!!!
And this little guy, he is one of Yvettes regulars and he is soo adorable too!!!

On that note its back to business!!!! Happy St. Patricks Day!!!! Have a green beer for me!!!!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

OMG!!! Finally after two years...

Just a little newsflash that makes me smile :)
Finally after 2 years, Howard K. Stern is finally facing charges in the death of Anna Nicole Smith. I hate that guy, I don't know who he thinks he is, he is a nobody without her.
Check it out>1=28103

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I am addicted to my crackberry...

Yes Michelle you warned me, and I will take your advice in the future I promise!!!
I had to ditch the sidekick, and move on!!!!
I had a blackberry pearl before i had the sidekick and I hated that thing, couldn't have gotten rid of it fast enough, I think it was just a bad experience from the point of sale, and so the bad experience filtered onto my total phone experience. But at the time Blackberry was not aim compatible, and who knew what wi-fi was way back then, and whoever had a phone for 6 weeks and the track ball somehow crushed and would only make left turns? Who knows but that was a bad blackberry experience, and so Sidekick it was.
This last year however, was just a bad year for me and my sidekick. First of all for about three weeks my ears were in so much pain, they were red and peeley and I thought I was burning them with my hairdryer? Please, keep in mind this is me we are talking about, so needless to say one day I leaned on my phone and the pain was horrific, so I decided to actually look at my phone! The metal framing the ear part of the phone was cracked and peeling away, so needless to say it was scratching my ear off! the chrome frame was digging into my ear, and killing me slowly!!! Not to mention the freezing during dialing, the text messages and e-mails that would back up in cellular land and never come through to me for days. If I would try to make a call, my phone would freeze, and you would answer your phone and hear everything I was saying or doing while I was still waiting for your phone to even ring. Then I would realize my phone froze, and I would have to reboot and boom 20 text messages would pile into my inbox. i was slowly getting over the sidekick, that I once loved so much.
So I got a new phone and its another Blackberry, this time I went for the Blackberry Curve 8900...This thing is the best thing ever!
Seriously love it to pieces, and I have no idea how I lived wihout it!!!!
I can do sooooo much with this phone, I can pix messages, text, email through my hotmail and blackberry e-mail, I can aim, yahoo, windows, and blackberry i-m, I can facebook, twitter, blog, and I can do everything!!!!! I am officially a blackberry addict and I so get why they call these things crackberry's!!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Tattoos, Body Modification, Gang Bangers, and I dont want saute...

So Sunday was an eventful crazy day!
A bunch of us from Karma decided it would be fun to go to the Philadelphia Tattoo Convention, and so I picked Kymm and her friend Randy up at noon and we headed to Philly.

We met Steve and John in the lobby at the Sharaton on 17th and Race and there we all were in the midst of this craziest people watching event ever, so glad I brought my camera! I have to laugh Randy is like 7 feet tall and Steve is like 6 foot 5 and I am 5foot 2 and there was a minute when I was standing between them I never fealt so short in my life!!!! I fealt like I was standing between 2 skyscrapers. Not mention I kept poking steve in the but with my camera lens and he was like what the heck Dana, I said hey I am sorry if you weren't so tall we wouldn't have this problem!
So the hotel had to host the show because the convention center, where it normally is was hosting the Philadelphia flower show, so needless to say the big event was squished into two floors of the hotel, Body modification on the second floor - go ahead google it - i dare ya! and Tattoo's and piercing on the second floor!
Ok I can't wait for you to google the body modification, so if your not familliar I will try to share the best I can - Just an FYI, I couldn't take a pic because I couln't look for more then 5 seconds. Seriously I looked and then I had to step away, and pray that I didn't throw up - because we all know how easily I can do that!
Ok, so when I step up to the table, I see a girl laying on the table with her back facing me, she was laying on her side, and she was visibly shaking or trembling or maybe even crying. Some guy was holding both her hands consoling her as if she were on her death bed, and the "artist" so to say is working on her back. So he has a scalpal, and he is scooping out her skin placing it on the table and scooping some more - seriously chunks of skin on the table. I backed away at the moment, trying to convince myself it was a normal thing and not to loose my breakfast.
This is basically what the girl on the table was looking like - only this is no where near as gory as what I saw...

and this is probably what she will look like in 6 months....

So I am standing at this other table alone, and I start looking at the books where they have the designs they do and what it looks like after its all healed, I googled these for you, so google scarification or body modification and you will see what this room was filled with - needless to say I waited for my friends and we left to stay strictly on the tattoo floor. Oh did I forget to mention the penguin boy - for real a man built like a penguin, and the guy with the lizard toungue, you heard me right...
So we get upstairs and it was really interesting, there were people with tattoos from head to toe and people with none at all. I finally shook my nerves of the gore and was able to start snapping a few pics, like this tattoo artist from Japan, she didn't speak any English, but people were getting her to tattoo them, she was adorable I loved her hair and her make-up she was like a real life animee!

...and there was Kim Sigh from LA Ink, and she was painting pictures in the lobby, I am not sure why she wasn't tattooing but I guess that may have created a stir, but hey whatever...

But some strange things started to occur.
There was just some weirdness in the air and believe it or not it wasn't the 90 booths of people getting tattoos, It was more like the fact that the temp was like 102degrees and it was so packed with people so we left for some fresh air, a cigarette and a drink. (like the fresh air and cigarette combo, I know makes no sense!!!)

Anyway we go outside, take a breather, come back in grab a snack and a drink and all of a sudden the fire alarm is going off. No one budged, not one person moved the tattoo guns were all still buzzing, people were eating, buying things. So we didn't move either. About 10 minutes of the annoying alrms and lights and hotel security comes in and starts moving people out - not the people getting tattoos or doing tattoos, just all the onlookers. Not the hotel employees, just all of us standing by...So we pile onto the escalators and ride them down 2 flights - they never stopped moving, I know at the mall when the alarms would sound they would shut elevators and escalators down, so this was weird...

So we all pile outside, and then ten minutes later they tell us we can come back in, and we all start walking in and lining up to get on the escalators, we get to the top and there are SWAT teams all over the place. Ya, so now the presence of the SWAT is in the building. So now this was weird, and now I def want to flash my camera at all - I lost my nerve. But this was so awkward now, no longer fun, what the heck was going on?
So we are back to the booths looking around - some of us looking for their next tattoo inspiration, some of us contemplating what to get and twith who, and then some us just along for the ride....

So the SWAT team comes marching around the room, and we are all suppossed to just chill like its normal. I am so so nosey I could just feel myself getting curious. So we decide its probably best to leave at this point. So we leave the room, more SWAT hanging out outside the room, Kymm goes to the ladies room, John and Steve are meeting up with us, and me and Randy are waiting near the steps, Another group of SWAT marching passed us and the SWAT leader is directing them on what colors the are looking for, and they may have removed their colors by now so remember their faces...
Me and Randy were like "colors"? We are in freaking Philadelphia, not LA, but I guess the gang wars around here are just the same, I mean I know the City of brotherly love hasn't been so loving in the last few years especially the last 2 but this is crazy, so we are def. leaving.
All of us together finally and we are heading down the escalators. What do you thing is at the bottom? Yup SWAT, blocking a set of doors off the escalator and a few guys in handcuffs against the wall, not typically the gang kind, but whatever right?
So we are out anyway...
So on the way home, we are like talking about all this junk and all the craziness, and blah blah blah. So Kymm starts flipping through my I-pod, which has a lot of Billy's stuff on it and we were talking about that and how much of a mix of music, and she puts on "I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz, and we were singing at first and then talking aabut how much Kymm loves that song, and I this...
"I just wish I knew what he meant by Saute'?"
she looks at me and asks does he say saute in this song, and I told her he does and I don't know why, and it makes no sense to me.
So Kymm decides we should start the song over and check out where he says saute'. So we do and then Kymm starts cracking up laughing, and tells me what he really says and I had no idea, that he really says

But I won't hesitate no more,
no more, it cannot wait

as oppossed to my lyrics

But I won't have saute'
no more, it cannot wait

So there was my dumb blonde moment of the day!!!!

And ya, so later when we got home, we saw the news about the two rival gangs at the tattoo convention, and the under cover officers who had to call in the SWAT because of the fight that was brewing...