Thursday, November 29, 2007

Happy 60th Birthday Aunt Ann :)

Aiden was having a great time and his moms moms 60th Birthday party! We were all so excited that everyone came! It was so nice to have the whole family together to celebrate!

Happy Birthday Aunt Ann! We had a party about two weeks ago but Billy took so many pis that it took us a little while to go through them all! I thought these were great pics of the festivities for the Birthday Girls 60th!

Brian I am sorry the hypnotic hypnotised me and I spilt it all over your place mat! PLEASE FORGIVE ME!!!!!!! Ya know 60th Birthday parties tend to get a little wild and outta control sometimes!

Look at this beautiful baby...

This is Bailey, My cousin Christine and her husband Ians new little girl! And I have to say she is georgeous. I just can't stop thinking about how sweet and cute she is. She is such a happy little baby and i think I want to keep her! I think Billy really likes her too!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Look what I did...........

Apparently I was nervous or edgey maybe....I made Michelle go first because I was afraid I would carry on like a "maniac" as someone has told me I did when I got my belly button pierced. If I did that I knew I would be walking out of that place with a nose piercing alone. I needed to have an accomplice so she had to go first - the guilt alone would make me do it no matter what! Which is exactly what made me do it - because after i heard Michelle breathe in really hard when the needle was in her nose I fealt faint...but I knew I had made a deal and she was wearing the needle, soo....
I decided I would get a needle too! Nice ha? It makes me sick to look at it, how could I lay there so still with a NEEDLE in my nose!!!! Do you see that needle its not a small little thing its GROSS!!!!! and there it is just chillin in my nose!

Thank goodness its over!! And Look how cute! I look a hot mess here but Michelle looks so cute with her new accessory! And I have to be honest it didn't bother me at all after it was all over!!! Actually I love the darn thing, and its so cute! I got some bling in my nose- thats exciting!!! Wonder what it will look like when I am 40?

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Getting off the wedding and onto the newest addition (besides my new hubby) I want you all to meet Hunter James Johnson

This little guy came a bit early but he is doing well and he is finaly home! We are so excited to have welcomed him to our family!!! He is an adorable little guy and he looks like his Uncle Chris! Congrats to Caleigh and her new baby boy! We all love you both!

The Happy Couple..........

Need I say any more...

The photog pics are back and they are beutiful when the disk arrives I will let you see some magnificent pics taken by Digital Memories- feel free to check them out at they are amazing and we loved them to pieces! Can't wait to share!

Friday, November 9, 2007

Just some extra's ...more to come!!!!

I am patiently waiting for my photographers pics but here are some for you to check out in the mean time! My Husband Billy "the ninja"
Mario and Liz - Michelle these are great!!!!
Michelle, Olivia, Katie, Liz, Caleigh and Gessika!
Steve, David Ray, Shaun, Billy, Mario, Jeff
Kyle, Jake and Tyler!