Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Today I mourn the death of my Pink CD'S

When I celebrated my 30th Birthday my then fiance, bought me my first real, as oppossed to knock off's, pair of Christian Dior Sunglasses, they were pink and they were perfect. I truley treasured them more then any purse or pair of shoes or pair of jeans that I have ever owned. (I am not lying, I promise this is the truth, however my second treasure are my Betsey Johnson shoes!)Today the sun was finally shining, I reached into my purse and pulled them out and the poor things,they were missing an arm. It was tragic, the arm was actually severed at the metal, no screw could possiblly repair them, they were just old and weak, and today they died. Not sure what I will do - I googled them and found the same ones on clearance at Dellamoda.com. I just don't know if it will be the same, maybe I need to move on and learn to love something else, the problem is everything I want to love is more then $300, and its not worth it for something that could just break so easily. My CD's and I have been through soooo much together, turning 30, long drives esp. to Florida and Back, my wedding, sooo many mile stones, so many memories, and the fact that I did not ever once loose them is just a miracle in itself.
Strangest thing is I previously purchased Christian Dior "Black Diamonds" nail polish and I just feel like Christian Dior himself said if you want this nail polish you'll have to forget the pink CD's. Karma is really so strange.
So now just one last walk down memory lane to reminisce the good times...

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Bedtime Stories....Don't Stop Believing!

So Christmas Day Molly wanted to see "Marley and Me", well her argument that day was that movies were open, there was no DJ on Q102, but the movie theatre was open! These are things that are making me feel like she is getting so mature, she has a favorite radio station, she likes hip hop and real rap (which she lets the word gangsta slip out when asking to hear real rap every now and then?) and she is very selective about what station on the radio she is listening too!
Well look the she got some shirts with the thumb holes and she did figure out how to put her own thumb holes in shirts that didn't come with them! Haha!
She kills me because on Saturday when I got out of work I gave her a call to see if she wanted to go to see "Marley and Me", she said yes I do but there is another movie"Bedtime Stories" and then she described every minute of the previews to me in a 15 minute span of time without taking a breath and she even managed to include her own laugh in the midst of describing the funny parts! This is the same kid who 3 months ago would just sit on the phone and breathe, but now her conversation skills are extremely improving and I have to tell you I love it! She has always been a little drummer marching to her own beat but now she is trying to get people to march with her and it just makes me sooooo happy that she has soooo much to say.
Me and Katie went and picked her up and she was soooo excited she was wearing her new DC Sneakers and she was excited to be going. The movie was great, it was really funny and perfect for kids!!! I was a little hesitant with Adam Sandler but it was a good movie and she absolutely loved it!
When the movie was over the credits were rolling to the tune of "Don't stop believing" by Journey, me and Katie started singing,
"Just a small town girl, livin in a lonely world
She took the midnight train goin anywhere"
Molly looks at us and then she immediately turns around away from us...
We then belted it out maybe even a little louder then the previous time,
"Just a city boy, born and raised in south detroit
He took the midnight train goin anywhere"
No one in the theatre paid us any mind, and Molly was looking at us like we were nuts, people were piling out and we were singing, like for real singing!
"A singer in a smokey room
A smell of wine and cheap perfume
For a smile they can share the night
It goes on and on and on and on
Strangers waiting, up and down the boulevard"
She got all nervous with embarrassment, she was telling people who were walking by we were crazy, she was trying to plead with us, no one is here anymore, the movie is over, really guys we can go now!!!
Now you know that we didn't let up it was soooo cute that she was embarrassed. This is the kind of stuff my parents would do to me, and again I always thought they were strange and now I realize they were just having fun, and it was fun embarrassing her and seeing her get embarrassed, I love that she has this little cool image that she is trying to maintain in font of the world, and I love that she was smiling the whole time we sang. We left the theatre singing and she was cracking up telling everyone we were crazy, then we left went to Nifty Fifties and she played in the arcade after dinner for a little more then an hour.
She had fun, and I was glad its been awhile since we had a really good time, like its been since the days of Sesame Place that we had fun together, and its been so long too!!! When we dropped her off at home she didn't want us to leave she wanted us to sleep over and see everything in her room, all her clothes and all her webkins, and it really was a lot of fun!
I have one thing to leave you with ....
"Dont stop believing"

I think its a theme song for my life some times!

Christmas Day....

Theses are just a few pics I took on Christmas Day, This day was just as hectic as the day before however the details are not fun more like boring, spent the day cleaning, and running...Sounds like the greatest Christmas ever right!
Well this is Bailey and I love the faces that she makes. Seriously Bailey has the most beautiful long eye lashes and she makes the simplest of faces, she doesn't carry on crying she just sheds a tear, she doesn't carry on laughing she just cracks a smile, she is soooo cute, I mean really she is just adorable!

Love her face here, seriously could she get any cuter, Jeff was trying so hard to get her to laugh or warm up to him, and this is just how she looked, like she just wasn't going to give in at all, no matter what!!!!

Jim put his hat on her and she looked adorable, it did't even bother her at all. Anyway she looked so cute in the hat and I think she liked it too!

I think she has a little angel face.

After all day of getting warmed up to us she finally started talking a little, not too much just the little yes here and there, and then Ian got her to crack up a little with some tickling!

These are just some random shots of the family!

Me and Jeff just messing around, wait til I show you the "Betch" t-shirt he got me, its hysterical because I got him a Perez Hilton Shirt, thats says "shiteous" We are crazy!!!! I got Kaie an Ed Hardy T-shirt and I have no idea why I wasn't taking pics of this stuff!!!

Molly got some Blendy Pens and and airbrush tool for her Blendy Pens, she seems so mature to me this year, and I love it, a little bit, I love that she is more pleasant and happy, and she isn't crying about things and getting soo mad, but thats great she can stop growing now I would love to keep her just like this!

Jeff and Chrissy are finally maturing too!!! Hahahaha!!! Thank Goodness!!!

At least I can depend on Katie for a good smile!!!!

Christmas Day really came and went too soon. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas Day!!!!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

"Bah Humbug", no thats too strong cause it is my favorite holiday....

so finally finished my Christmas shopping Christmas eve, 3 jobs and a family crisis don't really mix well together at Christmas, what can I say, you do what you can, and you just keep going...I worked til a little after 1, then I hit the mall, Best Buy, Kohls, and then the whole world was closed, I had no wrapping paper so I was driving everywhere searching and then the lights were still on at the Big K, Please don't be shocked, as I was totally freaked out, its been a long time since I was in a freaking KMart, but hey the lights were on and they were crowded!
So as I wandered around the Christmas wrapping department, and it ht me - I still need things, so this was it last chance do or die, so I had to make a few purchases from KMart...its ok they were toys and movies and last minute crap that I probably didn't need they weren't makers or breakers of anyones Christmas, but still I fealt the need, and so finally at 7:40 pm, I am pulling out of KMart thinking I really do hope I didn't forget anyone....
So Home I go wih all my bags in tow, and knowing i had to be at Aunt Kits, also now known as Mom Mom because her first grandchild was born on this very Christmas Eve Day, Sorry I digress, I had planned to be there by 7 so this was a major setback for me! Anyway, I go home grab a few of the gifts I need for the Christmas Eve celebration at her house, and I needed to be there to grab Molly because I was her ride home for the evening!
Soooo Anway, get to Aunt Kits like 8:15 deliver a few presents hang out and before I know it, its 10:15pm, ok grab Molly get her together, drive her to her dads, in the meantime my phone dies, my dads car battery dies and he needs a jump, and he is trying to track me down, someone else rescues him, thank goodness, because I didn't get home til 11:40, ya you heard that and what faces me at home, 50 bags of Christmas Presents that need to be wrapped.....Lord please help me!

anything Ed Hardy (and some sleep, but beggers cant be choosers right!) Ok so back to the mounds of wrapping that needed to be done, so my husband and I start wrapping, The tv was on and its midnight mass at the Vatican, and before I know it I am praying and reciting the mass out loud along with the translater, while I wrap, Billy must have been tired to because he didn't even realize what I was doing and he didn't even care about what was on the tv which is usually priority for him! So have way through the priests part of the "Our Father", I said can we please put something else on because I am actually annoying myself, I think the thoughts in my head,the constant wrapping the Roman Catholic voice in one language, the translaters voice in another, and the dictating coming from myself were all too much for me at this point. I felt a little robotic?!
So then before I knew it, it was 3 am, I was done wrapping, plugged i my phone, got a few text messages and started texting Gessika back andto my amazement she text me back, she was awake too! Finally Billy said lets exchange gifts now, I said ok without hesitation and then everything I was opening was ending up on my body, and this is the result...

so this is what you get when you give a girl all she wants for Christmas, at 3:30 am and she is soooo most overtired, its almost like worse then drunk dana, well actually its way worse, because I put on from head to toe, my new Ed Hardy hat, with my new pj bottoms, with my new 5 inch Jessica Simpson boots and just to add some flair I decided it would be most appropriate to dance around holding Billy's new ed Hardy boxers, which his response to these is soooo classic. He opens everything and he asks me why I chose to need all this Ed Hard stuff, and decided to buy him something that no one will see, I see his point and I just had to laugh out loud!!! It was so cute and he was soooo right, why did I get him Ed Hardy boxers? Because, thats all I could find in his size and I had to get him something, no t-shirts in his size anywhere, I even stalked 2 different TJ maxx stores and ya see if I walked into a TJ maxx, ya know I was searching! (Nothing against Tj I just hate to dig for things, I need organization and neatly placed items displayed to me so I feel entyced to make a purchase, I know I am seriously crazy, I like everything spelled out for me, one time I begged a Macy's shoe salesman to take shoes off a mannequin for me, and he told me no, and I pleaded and finally he told me ok, I had to wait 3 days because those things are screwed into the floor and the merchandise doesn't just come off, hey I got the shoes I wanted, but if they werent displayed like that it wouldn't have created a need for me to have them! I know someone out there gets what I am saying, lol)
BREATH, (because I do not want) CHRISTMAS BY MYSELF THIS YEAR....
so its off to bed I go and I take one last look at the Christmas Cards I didn't get in the mail, and thank everyone for the cards they sent to us,

but I can feel the crankiness coming out in me. I am hoping for a good night sleep, but the fact that I have to get up early to clean doesn't make it seem to promising. I piled the gifts up where I meant to put the tree, but ya there was no time this year, so really its ok with me! We have never worked so much as we have this year, I am just hoping you can all deal with the crazy Christmas we are having!
I have to sleep now!!!
(i know, i just changed the words because they worked better for me, merry christmas!!!!!)

Friday, December 19, 2008

Happy Phillies,Steelers,Pixos,Ugg Day with a Nascar Cake on top!

Two weeks ago was Molly's 9th Birthday.
I love this kid and just looking at her makes me smile and laugh and cry all at one time.
This little girl is one I have watched grow since the minute she was born. That little peanut at almost 5 pounds instantly became my little sidekick and she is still a peanut even if she is 9 years old.
This year she wished for some webkins, a Phillies hat, shirts that have holes for your thumbs (apparently this comes in handy so you look cool when your riding your skateboard), a steelers jersey for every player on the starting line up, anything Nascar Kasey Kahne, and real ugg boots.
Guess what I got her??

I feel like she is a mirror image of all the people in her life....

There is a little bit of all of us in her, somehow I reflect most in the feet, but being the shoe fanatic that i am I will take that as a compliment!!!
Heck I am just exited to be in there somewhere!!

Sometimes she makes a face....
I see a face that Kevin or Sean made when they were little....

These are deff Sean faces!!

She is growing up so much and she does things like tell me a joke that I used to tell in 5th grade and she thinks its brand new and I act like its the funniest thing I ever heard, and it makes me feel sooooo old!!!!!! And it makes me think, I remember this, I remember feeling cool and thinking I was telling my parents and family new things, and now I think I realize they already heard it too, but they made me feel like I was entertaining them with something new too!

...I guess life is full circle...and I guess I know what has yet to come!
I can't say that makes me happy but it doesn't make me sad either, well maybe it actually makes me both. But here she is being 9 years old whether its typical or not I don't care she is deff. expressing herself and I can only encourage that she does so with nothing but a smile on her face and that will be fine with me.
I wish we could celebrate the numbers backwards because sometimes I miss that little demanding baby who refused to wear shoes, and the toddler who imitated me smoking a cigarette so well it got me in trouble, and that little girl who danced around the backyard in her d's and refused to wear a shirt because her brothers didn't have to, and all though she may wish I didn't remember these things one day, these are the things she will forever be famous for in my heart!
Happy Birthday Molly Bean!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Just thought I would publicly thank my husband...

For my new macbook!!!!!!
Now I can blog from anywhere!!!!
...and as long as you sit at the macbook we can take pics from anywhere too!! Camera free!!
Thank You so much to the best husband in the world!!!!
What more could a girl ask for?
I Love You!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Refining the new do!

Well I think I am finally satisfied with the new haircut!!!!
It takes awhile and a lot of refining when I get my haircut but here it is the final finished product!!! I really like it!
The only thing is when my hair is so short - and this is the first time its ever been this short, I feel the need to clean it up once a week so lets see if I can handle the growing, seriously a smidge of new growth feels like 5 inches!

HMMM??? Maybe I should have taken a picture of the back so you could see how short and cute it is! That probably would have been a great idea!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Last call from Pensacola Beach ! Last overload!!!

Well here is Round 2 from McGuires, we couldn't leave my dad hanging and so we had to take him!!!

They say there is 1/2 million hanging on the walls and the menu even tells you how many $1 bills they take down each year to pay taxes. Its a neat concept, from now on anyone who visits my house please sign a dollar and we will tape it to the wall and see how many we have in a few years! HAHAHA JUST KIDDING that many people do not come to my house! LOL!

So I am not sure if Kyle is just really bored or embarrassed because apparently from the pictures here and below I get a little crazy with my face making skills when the kid is with us. Poor guy, I bet he is thinking "this is what happens to cool people, they get real wierd"!!! Actually he was being pretty silly too, I actually do have pics where he is smiling!!!

BUT look at his face right there in the backround - I have to be honest I can't even be held responsible for myself in this picture I am not sure what is even goin on here!!! I get a little carried away sometimes I guess!!!

BUT then again I like this pic, and there he is smiling!!! I really do like this picture and I also wanted to prove to some people I am not the only person who takes pictures with their finger in front of the flash!!! HAHAHA!!!!
I can't even remember the name of this resteraunt or I would tell you all about it!! But it was nice I got the best broiled Talapia, scallops, and shrimp ever!!! And I also ordered a Pomegrante Martini, and the waiter brought me a Pomagrante Mojito, and I took a sip and nearly died, and the waiter said how do you like that Mojito, and I said Oh I don't like it at all, prob because I like Pomegrant Martinis! So he fixed it for me - Thank goodness! On our way down here I got a Pomegrant Martini at Ruby Tuesdays and they make it with Saki, well that was the grossest thing ever - I am def not a fan of Saki!

This is Billy, he is trying to get in on the face making skills too!! HAHAHA Not really, I think he is just in Dana overload and sometimes he cannot believe the things that happen when we are all out!!!

Ha caught another Kyle smile!!!

There we go - here is a pic of my parents enjoying themselves at the infamous nameless resteraunt!

So this is it, last call for Pensacola Beach pics. Billy and Kyle hung out taking a lot of pics of the beach and stuff and of Kyle! The three of us went to the mall the one night and then we went for milkshakes. We were all kind of just chillin together our last few days. I loved it when we were hanging around the one day and Kyle was like "Hey where is Billy" and I told him he was golfing, and he said oh I am surprised he likes to golf he just seems so tough, and I can't believe that i never knew how much fun he was.
I thought that was about the sweetest thing ever - Even though he might not think it I felt like that was Kyles way of saying even though you guys are 30 something your still pretty cool, and I actually like you!
Well just for sake we love ya kid, and your pretty cool yourself!

This is the dirt squirt - oh ya thats what we call the jeep, this was its parking spot, heavy sigh,Its last little stop at the palm trees on the beach!!!