Thursday, April 30, 2009

NJ Transit forbids Seat Flipping? Bi-Level Trains? The New York Hair Show, OHHHH PAULO!! Shear Genius!!!

This is picture overload, I will try to keep it simple, but if you were paying attention to my live updates on facebook and tweeter you pretty much have a good idea of what the day was like but I NEEDED to share with my blog friends!!!
So we were doing our own hair til 3am Saturday night, apparently we never follow a schedule because this was not the plan! But I guess plans were meant to be deviated from!!!
So finally we caught a train at noon on Sunday - also not the plan, but you got that point already!
We finally board the train only to find out and get called out by NJ Transit employee that seats cannot be flipped?? Well Addy and I were sitting in a seat where we were riding backwards and the train ticket taker(?) decided to freak a little.."You can't flip the seats, this train is going to be overcrowded and we are not flipping seats today".
well these seats were already flipped who knew you could even flip them, so after she had a hissy fit she made an announcement to the whole train...thanks mean lady! And I have never been on a bilevel train, never even knew it existed!

so anyway after waiting around all morning from 8am til 11 am Yvette and Addy looked pretty happy to finally be on the train!

Steve and John were pretty happy too! Until we realized we weren't on the express. We stopped so slowly as Rangers fans from across NJ hopped on and were ready - Oh yea a freaking game - the dumb ticket lady was right a train full of hair dressers and Rangers fan, who knew....Suddenly all I heard was snoring, looked to my left and caught these two fast asleep...

So we finally arrived, kind of. Whoever thought it was fine idea to let me and Addy take a cab alone while the rest of them hopped in one, wasn't thinking at all.
Our cab passed their cab at the point of go, but apparently we all got dropped off at different corners at the Jacob Javitz Center. So me and Addy stood there waiting for them to arrive. John finally calls me - "did you take the only slow cab in nyc?"
No we are here
So are we
we are by the street vendor
we are too wonder why we don't see you?
We figured it all out eventually!!!!

Check this guy out!!!! The Salon bought an Airbrush Tan and i am sure if put paint in it - you could get this look!!!

Ok so this was like the highlight of my freaking day!!!!
Know this guy????

This is Paulo, he was a contestant on Shear Genius! Loved that show and I did hope that Paulo or Nicole would win, neither did, but I was so excited to have spotted him!!! And then he spotted me taking his pic, and he said"give your camera to someone and get over here girl!"
He was so nice, and I was so shocked, his real personality did not come through on the show, and I bet if it had he would have won, he was so freaking nice!!!!

So then we watched Nicholas French, he is a two time NAHA winner, Platform Artist who specializes and was demonstrating "Avante Garde" hairstyles. These were great to watch and I loved his shoes!!!!!

Can you see his shoes?? I am such a shoe person, but I am easily impressed, and I can't help but everytime I take a class these male demonstrators wear the freakiest shoes that are so gross, next time I will take pics, so I just was impressed that his shoes matched him so well, and they were hot at the same time!!!! Good job Nocholas French, way to be a trend setter!!!!

Ok these next two pics, oed this make up!!!! I bout glitter shadow like this so between me and Kymm we have quite a few colors to choose from, I wouldn't do this to you like this, but I do love extreme runway looks!!!!

So finally the first day at the show was ended, maybe because of the economy, so many vendors were not here. This was very sad for me, I look forward to buying my Bed head hairspray and paste at a great price, and they weren't there so I didn't buy much of anything and that was good too, esp. since we are on the money saving budget and trying to live like we are poor, because in reality we are!!!! I spend money like its never ending and I learned alot about myself this past week - Thanks Mom!
Ok I digress but Just had to send a shout thank you to my mom!!!! Who need therapy - mom will help you figure it all out if you let her!!!

So this is us outside waiting for the cab that never we walked back to Penn Station, my muscles in my legs are still stiff from it but its all good!!!

I do love this damn city!!!! An I would go here every day if I could, I just wish I could plan better!!!!! Maybe next time!!!!!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

what happens when I am not looking at me....(just a little hold my breath, here I go, Jump in, and hope I come back up!!!! )

I have just paused on everything as I feel like I am in the biggest overload ever. This "crunch" is worse then full time work and school, and finally things are falling into place, or are they?
I never know what path to take, and I never know whats really right for me, I never act on impulse allthough I think I do when I am not even looking, and thats when it works best for me. (I think about that and it actually makes sense).
I only know whats in my heart even though that contradicts where my loyalties lye.
Every step I take since I was born has been with an excessive amount of thought and an overwhelming amount of emotion.
I am so different then you, I know that you know it too!
I don't want the same things as you, my heart beats to its own drum, life is nice but I am shooting for the stars!
What happened to me when I wasn't looking, where do I go in my dreams, Why am I this person who fears cjange, and if I fear it so much why do I make it.
I get kicked in the gut everytime I think I am right, doesn't matter I get kicked in the gut when I think everything is fine.
Why do I agonize over peoples thoughts, feelings, and why do I forget my own?
Why does my huge heart that cares for so many get crushed when I am choosing which path to walk on?
Why does change come with so much support from everyone except myself,why do I feel so bad?
My life is hanging in the balance of "can I make it? Can I be me and make it, Life is a gamble isn't that what they say? Did anyone tell life that I am a gamble?
Why can't I just live life rather then researching it? Or why do I have so many reservations when it comes to the obvious next step?
Here I am world - this is me, this is who I will be forever, I have arrived and I have a smile in my heart and tears in my eyes...
I think everything will be fine as long as I am not looking...

Friday, April 10, 2009

Dumb blonde moment maybe???

Last night ran to wal mart real quick!
Grabbed some last minute things - Easter stuff for the nephew and godchild, and some random things, and ran to the register!
The typical Wal Mart cashier looks at me and says - "do we still have Easter Candy left in the store?"
I said yes and just looked at her, and then she told me she was sick of ringing easter candy up.
and I thought about it for a second, WHY DO YOU CARE WHAT YOUR PUSHING PASSED THE SCANNER, YOUR LUCKY YOU HAVE A what screamed in my head...seriously are you just suppossed to ring the crap up or are you suppiossed to take inventory, Its Easter time of course people are going to buy Easter stuff, if your tired of it - quit and go home!
But i said all this to myself, and just looked at her and smiled.
Then she picked up the Easter Bunny that you wind up and it hops and then a jelly bean falls out from under its tail, of course I am being nice hear.
Then she says "this is ridiculous, hummph"
And I am thinking c'mon I don't have all night to itemize and crtique my order, your dumb store is selling it... but I said "well the kids are nine, so they think that stuff is funny, they are not into chocolate hollow bunnies"
She looks at me, I smiled, and I said "what" because she was staring at me with her wrinkly thick black wet n' wild eyeliner, her box died ridiculous red hair, and her smokers voice with a cough behind every word, and she grunts at me.
I said "what, seriously they don't like the babyish Easter crap - what else am I suppossed to get them?"
She picks up the teck deck that I bought Molly - and says"this skateboard is a great idea,"then she picks up the bunny again, " this bunny that shits jelly beans, not such a great idea".
Now ya know I never stick up for myself and I never say anything smart to anyone, I am not the comeback kind, and I never can think of anything good to say and then out of my mouth came this "Well, we all shit don't we - so who cares, put it in the bag".
Now I am not sure what I really meant by that,(and in my head I saw my hand cover over my mouth like I was in shock about what just came out of it!!) but I was sick of being interrogated by the Wal Mart cashier....
(All I could think was I was so glad I wasn't buying anything embarrassing, like hemmorhoid cream or something wierd like that, she would probably be discussing it with me - how freaking rude, I can only imagine the conversations she has with people daily, seriously!!!)

Happy Easter Lady - if I knew where you lived I would get you an Easter Bunny that shits jelly beans and leave it on your doorstep, something tells me you would know exactly who left it for you!