Monday, June 30, 2008

Jeffs Birthday Party to be continued...

But this is the cutest pic I think I took ...if I even took it! lol! i think this is the couple to watch this year!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Jeffs Birthday Party....

Who is going???
Jeff I edited your invite for inside jokes purposes and I think I am sending it to Perez!!!!
I also had to censor and bleep out the curses!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

I love Macys

Seriously everyone knows its where I spend most of my money!!! But I love David Beckham too, so I want to go this Macys' in San Francisco!!!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

collapsible heels???

Apparently a woman from Philly came up with this invention!! Cracks me up I would never wear them because I can see from the pics they are so not my style but maybe some of you will be interested in the luxury of a $300 shoe that adjusts for your comfort?

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Fathers Day

I know this is a dark picture, but I have to say its one of my favorites of me and my daddy!

I am headed to have dinner with my parents for fathers day and I just wanted to say Happy Fathers day to all the daddy's out there!!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

As I sit here blogging...

There is finally a relief in sight for the 100 degrees temps we have been experiencing over the last 5 days! We went to a picnic for my friends moms 60th B-day saturday (pics to come soon!) and that was the first day of a 5 day series of hot sticky humidity! I feel so gross when the weather is so disgustingly hot but right now its raining and hailing and thundering and lightning! Half of me is scared (I have no clue why!) and the other half of me is praising the Lord for a cooler exterior temp reading from my car! Billy took these shots during the storm I figured I wold share since they were pretty freaking awesome!

The fish in and out of water...

I havn't seen my Molly Bean since Easter! Thats like 2 months!!!
It was so stinking hot on Sunday when I got in my car to leave the shop, it said the exterior temp. was 101, UGH!!!! I just couldn't think of anything but going home and literally sitting in the pool!
So I went home made some calls and some of my cousins came over to hang out in the pool with me! First Jeff came over ,then Kymm and later Kevin and Molly joined us! It was a lot of fun and we ended up cooking out and just relaxing in the pool! I was so excited to see my Bean!!!! I think she was so excited to be swimming!!!

I was so happy she wasn't annoyed with me and the camera, because that is her normal self but she actually ended up hamming it up for me!

This holding her nose thing is def. new and I tried to get her to realize she didn't really need to but she said she HAD to because the water gets in her nose...

I know this pic above is blurry and Billy edited the crap out of it just to get it here, and I thank him because I just loved this pic!
But I really loved this one below! If that isn't the cutest most decieving face ever!! I love that I caught it, this girl stops for nothing you may get a smile but only for a quick second and there are no retakes in her world!

So then she wanted in the hot tub and because of the heat I was a little scared because I am not sure when your overheated and jump in a cold pool and then in a hot tub, but we let her in and as you can see she had some fun with bubbles! She was putting the foam on her face pretending she was Santa Clause! LOL!

The hot tub phase lasted for 5 minutes then she went in and out of both back and forth for like 15 minutes and then she settled for the pool again! We really had a great day I was so happy everyone came over and honestly we could make it a weekly thing! Nothing would make me happier!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

CONGRATS to the soon to be Mr. and Mrs. Katulka

I can't believe all the changes this year has brought and I am so excited that my cousin Chris has decided to get married!!! WOW!!!! (Thats him and Karen in the pic with Hunter!)I can't wait for the wedding! I know that he must very happy and very excited and I just wanted to say Congrats in my own little way! I also missed Chris and Karen when they were visiting but I did get a chance to talk to her and I think she will make Chris very Happy!(Aunt Shell I def. stole the pic from you so Thanks!!!)

Monday, June 2, 2008

Girls just wanna have fun!

I think I had the most insane weekend ever!!!
I woke up saturday at 6 to be at a wedding party's house for hair on Saturday morning! I actually have to tell you, I get a serious rush from the craziness of getting people ready for their wedding day! I just love it all, hair and make up and the sheer insanity that goes on! WOW!
While I was getting myself ready, I burnt my lip while waxing! I know Michelle here I am telling everyone what I wouldn't let you take a picture of, but I can laugh about it now that its two days ago! I feel like I have a Gipetto stash, and I am sure the pic would amuse everyone, but I will save the image for myself and those who saw me!
Anyway so after the burn I had to go over to someones house and say - yes I am here with my ugly burnt lip, but I promise you all will be beautiful by the time I leave! And beautiful they were, but the downfall was after the burning incident I was so consumed with the tragedy that I left and forgot my camera! And all I can say was that when I got home to pack myself up for my scrapping night in Lancaster I could only pray that the brides hair made it through the thunderstorms and at least lasted her til half way through the reception - that was all I asked for!!!
But she did call me today and her hair made it through the storms! Thank Goodness!
Sunday morning after scrapping half way through the night I drove home to do more Hair!!! I love it! Sunday was the day for the father daughter dance for one of the local girl scout troops and I got to follow these two little beuty queens around after I did their hair, and this time I remembered my camera!

This is my absolute favorite thing that happened the whole weekend! This little one turns around to me and she took a gem stone and planted it right on her little nose! She was totally immitating my nose being pierced and she seriously had me cracking up!! If you only knew her little personality!!!

This one is a girl after my own heart! Oh to be young again and so wanting to express myself!! I guess now all my expressing is over, and I am who I am, but to be a 10 year old again I would do that - not 13 or 15 or 18 but to be 10 might be quite awesome!!! Just getting into all the fun stuff with hair and make up and clothes and all the girly stuff! I think I secretly loved 10!

I seriously think Sunday was so awesome and I want to thank Bonnie her girls for letting me have so much fun!!! I would do it again a million times over, so call me when the next dance comes around and I really hope the girls had a blast at the dance and getting ready too!