Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Get your Suede on...

O.P.I SUEDE polish in ink is my ne favorite! NO more shine its a matte world now!!!!!
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Monday, September 14, 2009


So its a whole new world, maybe I am showing my age, maybe I am sad and maybe a little jealous! I love to cross the line just a little when it comes to hair make-up clothes, I am not crazy or extreme, well maybe to some I can be extreme, but I am fighting my 30's all the way, I tried to suck it up and deal, but I can't!!! Everything new that walks through the door I want, and I like to think  can pull off a lot of things but I COULD NEVER PULL THIS OFF, AND I know that!!!!
So let me show you whats been walking through the door!
They (high school girls) are calling it "Scene" Hair.
When things are so drastically new, I can not be like yes lets go for it!!!!I need to size up the situation and find the point, not sure I get this one yet, but as more and more demand for it comes along All of a sudden it will click, well thats usually the case.
So let me catch you up on the scene girls!!!
Soooo this is the pic everyone brings in - "I want my hair like this", always this pic!! I googled the pics so I had to keep them small because they get a little pixely!!!
This one is fun!!! i feel like we have seen this before, its like Joan Jett meets Avril Levigne and they were placed in a bottle and shook up and this is what came out!!!! Its fun though!

So If I had to get Scene hair I would want this hair, already made a leopard skin clip in extension, its ADORABLE!!!!
And I just thought I would share some pics of Karma's real live Scene girl!!!!! Steve was so proud of himself, as he totally should be, because he totally hooked this girl up, and she really looked adorable!!!! We all loved it!!!!

This day made me want scene hair!!!!!Oh to be 15 again(just an fyi I WOULD NEVER WANT TO BE 15 AGAIN!!) But then I remembered I was 32!!!!! And Kymm doesn't really want scene hair or her picture taken! This is her "no pictures please" face!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Fw: dana2 001.jpg

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This is me just testing blogging from my blackberry!!! Its a back in the day pic just for fun!!!!
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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

IF U SEEK AMY, or maybe u want a PIECE OF ME because I am TOXIC, u got me on your RADAR at the CIRCUS...its a FREAK SHOW!

All eyes on me in the center of the ring just like a circus....
So Sunday we took a shop trip to the Circus, I mean the Britney Spears Concert.
I wasn't too impressed by Britney when she first came on the celeb scene but Her last two CD'S are definitely always in my CD Player in my i-pod, no matter what I have access to them at all times!
And since she is the center of all media attention, Queen of drama, trend setting, fun silly Brit Wit!
I do love Britney!!!
She def. Lip Sings, her mouth is moving even when she shouldn't be singing, she doesn't dance like she used to, but she most definitely puts on a great show!
I love this pic I wish you could see how horrible her extensions look, its terrible how critical I can be of theses things, she should expect so much more from her hair dresser, my clients expect so much from me and they are not Britney Spears, and I give my best - note to Brit - new stylist for sure! I do try to remember that she did shave her head within the last two years so it can't be that long really, but still there are so many things that can be done here!

Ok, this pic here, I just put this here so everyone could see, she looks perfect all the time right? Not so much, look she is human!
Just thought I would throe this one in just cause its John, me and Steve catching a smoke during a stage change! My eyes are closed but whatever it's all in good fun!
Oh ya back to the circus...

Love this pic below!!!! Never saw it coming and then it just happened and the best part was that those boys with cute buts are wearing pink d's and I love it!!!!

So all in all it was absolutely a great show, very entertaining, and did I mention it was over before 10PM. Yup I have to thank Brit because I got home and got to watch "True Blood" and I got Brit and Bill Compton all in one night!
Told ya it was freak show! Ok this was me being nice, in a way. Pretend I was taking this pic for Glamour magazines do's and don'ts page! I was being nice by leaving out the faces, but then....
...They asked us to take a pic for them! Ok, u got it and now u got on my blog too! Lady's do not wear your lacy pink thongs on the outside of your jeans! Looks a little weird even if you are pretending to be the ring masters sex slave at the Britney Spears concert- Its just WEIRD!!! but I guess thats why its a Freak Show!