Thursday, October 30, 2008

We WIN!!!!!!...But let me tell you about my night!!!

So I was doing hair last night when the game started, and when I was done I planned on stopping by my cousins to watch the end of the game! Anyway he lives in an Apartment Complex like 5 minutes from my house. I pulled in the parking lot at the end of the eighth inning and went inside. I watched the 9th inning which I am not even sure it was 15 minutes long, Before we knew we were World Champs!!! Suddenly we started hearing all this racket outside! Nikki was there hanging out in her new apartment - she is Jeffs new roomie!!! Anyway she leaves and before ya know it we are watching the streets of Philadelphia explode with crowds of rambuctious Phillies fans!
So suddenly Nikki busts back through the door with the most serious fearful look on her face, and the poor girl couldn't get the words out of her mouth fast enough"you better get out here, someone spraypainted your car!!!!", OMG!!!! This was a joke right?
Nope - We walk outside and there sits Jeffs Brand new charger with this whiteish-silvery joyful wavey spray creatively decorating the whole car all the way around. It was awful to see that someone would do this to a brand new car. It was sooo strange, there were fireworks exploding overhead, You could hear people hollering and screaming cheering all around, horns honking. I was trying to call my dad, my husband, my mom, but ALL CIRCUITS WERE BUSY. I immediately touched it and it was still wet so he grabbed a wet wash cloth and started trying to dilute the substance and trying his darndest to get it off. I walked down around the Parking Lot and some other cars got it down in the other parking lot too, so at least it was not an I HATE JEFFREY crime!
Ok so we decide there is sooo much craziness going on, and we can see the paint on his car is bubbling and getting real weird so we decide to haul off to my house to wash his car down. I have a hose and my dad said maybe some compound wax would help because I finally got a hold of him!!!!! Anyway I hop in my car Jeff hops in his and off we go to my house that is only 3 minutes away.
So we get to 5 points and what do we see, everyone who lives in Levittown is piled into the intersection partying! Yes they were partying in the middle of the intersection - the place was loaded with cops and we sat at the light forever with no place to go because there were mobs of people everywhere!! What a night for me to forget my camera. We could see that cars were stuck in the middle of the intersection with no where to go!!!
It was like a riot scene!! But apperently according to the paper it was all in good fun! Apparently it was a party 28 years in the making,here you can read for yourself!

This must be when everyone first started heading up to 5 points,here is a video I found on You Tube!!! we are crazy out here in Bucks County! I will look for more from the not so early part of the night!

I stole the pics above from the Bucks County Courier times just so you can see what we had to drive through! I never knew the 5 corners that led me to my neighborhood was such a hotspot - If ya read the story it explains that people have been planning to do this since they had done it 28 years ago the first time we made it to the World Series!! Well here we are in the phillyburbs partying like we were in South Philly!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Are we dreaming of a white Halloween?

I just want to bring you shocking news!!!!!
Its Freaking Snowing Outside!

6TH , 6TH

So Stacy Posted a blog about going to the 6th folder in your pictures and posting the 6th picture!!! I thought that it was a pretty interesting fun thing to do!! So Stacy Just reminded me that she was still waiting for my 6th,6th!!!
So this is my 6th, 6th! (Katie, Me, Adina and Melissa poking in the bottom)

This was a fun night and sad night all in one!!! Well the girls that I had hung out with at the LBA - when I was in Beauty School wanted to take me out for a bachelorette party, well we went to hibatchi and then to "DaBar" for old times sake! "DaBar" was the only place to get something to eat when we were in school!! So everynight we would all pile up in the bar with our LBA smocks on and get some food and then run out back to school!!!
They say you make your best friends in college, and since this was our college, we sord of formed some friendships that really will never end, we are bonded by something and we are all so different, it makes us way more fun! Seriosuly we ranged in age from 20 to 40, It was always Me, Tavia, Joanna, Melissa, Adina, Denise, and Meg.

(This pic is actually my 6TH, 5TH, But I just fealt like My blog needed some more pics, Melissa, Denise, Me and Adina)
I remember my first day of school, and I remember thinking that at 26 I was going to be the oldest person in there, and then I fealt such relief when these 20 year old girls accepted me and then I fealt even better the day Adina and Meg walked in the door! Soon came Denise and we knew each other from way back in the day - Pennsbury High School! So this was perfect, some of us were having babies, some of us already married with children, some of us with a new wild life just turning 21, and some of us just trying to figure out who we were, and we were doing all this together!!!
Oh ya, so I have digressed!!! Fun and sad night!!! Fun night because I was with all the girls, and crazy because we all had different things going on the next day and Melissa was def. just looking to drink anything and everything her new little 21 year old but could get her hands on, and it didn'tt matter if it came from the motor head who's beard was longer then her hair and who was noticably about 20 years older then her father!
Anyway it was a sad night because it opened the door to my wonderful life and how its affected by alcholholics. This has nothing to do with the girls or the bar, but more to do with the real people in my life who suffer from alchoholism, and how they have been affecting my life for way too long, and not really caring about the impact it has on me or anyone else around them....These pics crack me up, because I was hiding sooo much and I kept having to leave my own party to take random ridiculous phone calls from people who could have given a shit about what I was doing and what was going on in my life, and since this day as much as you think you have changed - you havn't, Your still selfish and you still try to camoflauge all your mistakes and paint a pretty picture when in reality everything you do is disgusting and gross and I have since cut you off because I know I do not hold the power to help you, and you just want to place blame anyway. Rather then take a look inside and recognize your grossness and mentally abusive manners you just keep living, thinking your above and beyond everything. Even though I love you, I can't love you like this and I won't enable you anymore. Well have a nice life because I can't make excuses for you anymore, nor will I take the blame that I have placed on myself for you any longer!
When I look at these pics I should be thinking of a happy time instead I see how a world, and so many lives were turned upside down that day, and how clouded I was my whole life when it came to you. And I will always know and see how on that day you did all this to yourself, because I was obviously busy doing something else, I have the pics to prove it, so really it had nothing to do with me!
So actually, WOW - my 6th, 6th came at a perfect time and was great thereapy!!!
Check out your 6th, 6th!!! Ya never know what it might make you think about!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The girl with crazy hair who married a Ninja, are still enjoying Happily Ever After...

I am a little behind in my posts! Sorry the Hair biz is actually hopping right now and everyone we know is getting married! Not to mention the two weeks of confinement thanks to strep and the then the weeks of worrying about my mom with shingles. So we have been busy busy busy with everything from fun to illness to work and back again!
Anyway Columbus Day was our 1 year anniversary! I was busy doing hair all day, Billy had work. So when I got home we got ready to go out - neither one of us had a plan, but don't be shocked we never do, this is just how we go about things!
So before we were ready to leave to go to the place we had not yet decided on, Anyway my dad pops in with a bottle of Champagne and a cake for us! Then my brain was triggered and I was like ohhhh we have to take our wedding cake out of the freezer and eat it! What a wonderful thought, year old cake!
Anyway we went dinner at Dawsons and it was very nice, Billy loves Dawsons, so that was perfect!

This is Billy popping the cork on the Champagne, and that was fun I was trying to take a picture but the cork decided to hit the ceiling and hide under the table across the room, and that was that, no pic!!! I couldn't have possibly followed it if I wanted to!

These are the Swarovski Crystal glasses that my mom got for us at my wedding shower!! LOVE THEM! Not so sure Billy even realizes what they are, but thats fine I know what they are! So I decided we were toasting with these! To Us, 1 year!!
This is my not so sure about drinking this because we absolutely loved the champagne at our wedding and we never really drank a champagne that we liked since then, so here it goes...

We loved the sentiment but we are still not so sure about Champagne! Its fun and we look forward to the liTtle bubbly surprise, and then the sourness wacks you and your left wondering if you liked it or not!!!! So we think we liked it, not sure though! AHH who really cares we kept sipping at it as we decided to test out the 1 year old cake.

So here is the one year old cake - looks just fine, I mean its been frozen since October 13, 2007, so how bad could it be! Just so you know those are not a bunch of finger prints in the middle, thats where the flowers were, and maybe I froze the cake with the flowers still on it, but no one needs to know that! LOL!

Well the icing tasted like pure cane, seriously like I thought my teeth might fall right out of my head, the cake was dry but hey it is a year old...I so wonder who came up this tradition stuff?

Like my ring? So sad that I broke it this past weekend at Kymm and Kevs wedding!! I will post those pics later!
Anyway out gifts for our first year was suppossed to be paper - so really how am I suppossed to convice Billy that a paper gift is cool, and How I so did try to convince him to buy me Betsey Johnson shoes that were $250.00 and I so tried to tell him, that they came in a cardboard box, and that was made from paper so it would count! HAHAHA Nice try but no we decided to lay low on the spending especially since we have a road trip to Florida approaching fast, and we ordered our wedding album!! Its 100% papar!!!! Do I hear a round of applause because it was suppossed to be ordered 6 months ago!!!! Thank Goodness!!!!

Well that was that Happy Anniversary to us! Maybe I will just add this to the end so we can reminisce!
Yes, the girl with the crazy hair who married a Ninja, are still enjoying Happily ever after!!!!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Maria and Jims wedding...

I have a ton of pics from Marias wedding last Saturday but I will just share some with you now!!! Billy is still editting away so some I can't post yet!!! These havn't been editted but I am impatient and can't wait!!!

This is Angela and Bubba, Marias little boy, poor thing I am not sure who was more tired at this point Angela or the Baby.
This is the David Michaels crew! I am happy to know that I am in some way still a part of the crew! But we have Melissa, Me, Dave, Maryanna, Maria holding her little girl Gia, and Selina is hiding in the back there!

I have a ton of pics from Marias wedding last Saturday but I will just share some with you now!!! Billy is still editting away so some I can't post yet!!! These havn't been editted but I am impatient and can't wait!!!