Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Last call from Pensacola Beach ! Last overload!!!

Well here is Round 2 from McGuires, we couldn't leave my dad hanging and so we had to take him!!!

They say there is 1/2 million hanging on the walls and the menu even tells you how many $1 bills they take down each year to pay taxes. Its a neat concept, from now on anyone who visits my house please sign a dollar and we will tape it to the wall and see how many we have in a few years! HAHAHA JUST KIDDING that many people do not come to my house! LOL!

So I am not sure if Kyle is just really bored or embarrassed because apparently from the pictures here and below I get a little crazy with my face making skills when the kid is with us. Poor guy, I bet he is thinking "this is what happens to cool people, they get real wierd"!!! Actually he was being pretty silly too, I actually do have pics where he is smiling!!!

BUT look at his face right there in the backround - I have to be honest I can't even be held responsible for myself in this picture I am not sure what is even goin on here!!! I get a little carried away sometimes I guess!!!

BUT then again I like this pic, and there he is smiling!!! I really do like this picture and I also wanted to prove to some people I am not the only person who takes pictures with their finger in front of the flash!!! HAHAHA!!!!
I can't even remember the name of this resteraunt or I would tell you all about it!! But it was nice I got the best broiled Talapia, scallops, and shrimp ever!!! And I also ordered a Pomegrante Martini, and the waiter brought me a Pomagrante Mojito, and I took a sip and nearly died, and the waiter said how do you like that Mojito, and I said Oh I don't like it at all, prob because I like Pomegrant Martinis! So he fixed it for me - Thank goodness! On our way down here I got a Pomegrant Martini at Ruby Tuesdays and they make it with Saki, well that was the grossest thing ever - I am def not a fan of Saki!

This is Billy, he is trying to get in on the face making skills too!! HAHAHA Not really, I think he is just in Dana overload and sometimes he cannot believe the things that happen when we are all out!!!

Ha caught another Kyle smile!!!

There we go - here is a pic of my parents enjoying themselves at the infamous nameless resteraunt!

So this is it, last call for Pensacola Beach pics. Billy and Kyle hung out taking a lot of pics of the beach and stuff and of Kyle! The three of us went to the mall the one night and then we went for milkshakes. We were all kind of just chillin together our last few days. I loved it when we were hanging around the one day and Kyle was like "Hey where is Billy" and I told him he was golfing, and he said oh I am surprised he likes to golf he just seems so tough, and I can't believe that i never knew how much fun he was.
I thought that was about the sweetest thing ever - Even though he might not think it I felt like that was Kyles way of saying even though you guys are 30 something your still pretty cool, and I actually like you!
Well just for sake we love ya kid, and your pretty cool yourself!

This is the dirt squirt - oh ya thats what we call the jeep, this was its parking spot, heavy sigh,Its last little stop at the palm trees on the beach!!!


Lena's Life said...

I like the "dirt squirt" name...very cute!

michelle said...

love that pic of kyle and todd is so mad u didnt look to find the $1 he put on there..... 10 years ago!! yes he seriously did want u to actually look!! weirdo.

Jeff said...

Dood that's a ton of money. Holla! Haha The irish pub looks like so much fun. I'm definitely jealous! I wanna hang out with all you guys! No fair! lol