Monday, September 17, 2007

Thank You...

I just want to thank each and every one of you for the greatest weekend ever! I had the best time in the whole world and I am so happy that each and every one of you were there. It just means the world to me that I will always remember my bachelorette weekend and treasure the memories forever! You guys are really the best! Thank You sooooo much for the best weekend ever!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

The girls on the bus go..

The girls on the drunk bus go laughing the whole way home! The whole way home! The whole way home! The girls on the drunk bus go laughing the WHOLE WAY HOME!
I swear sometimes the best part of OC MD is just getting drunk and riding the bus all night long! People are just ridiculous, its the best entertainment ever! We sing on the bus, we scream on the bus - some guy did the worm down the aisle of the bus! The OC MD bus is just the best!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

so the drinks kicked in...

So i guess the alchohol kicked in because we had a blast at the party block...who knew there was life beyond seacrets!

There was a public bed, and Kristen was feeling sleepy

Drunk and toungues.......we are related so i guess that speaks for this....
Look at Kristen pickimg up on all the strays.......its ok Kristen I love the face!

had to take a moment and call Billy because the mood was wierd

I have no idea what soured my mood , think it was the growing crowd, the nowhere to go feeling - no where was fun- the place was packed it took an hour to leave one I called Billy just to see what he was doing and he was out having a good time. I fealt so bad about being here in this so fun place with no fun, I couldn't wait to get here, and I couldn't wait for my friends to see this place but it just was so we decided to leave seacrets and move on.......

we have no seacrets

I think all of the above really speak for themselves - Seacrets is a great place but the as the night went on the crowd grew huge and the fun was dwindling! so soon we would have to move on....

Glo sticks anyone?

These pictures speak for themselves ...wish i could show you more but I can't just check my myspace - i will upload the whole album!

Back to the hotel...

These girls really know how to hold them...look at Gessika holding her delicate thes girls! Katie,Liz, and Michelle I think i just caught you not participating! lol!
Look I can do it too!

This is me getting carries away with a bottle of Champagne! This is most of the bridal party! Michelle, Katie, Gessika, Liz, Me and Jenn
This is me and Katie getting carried away with the bottle of Champagne, I wonder if she thought there was any chance i would pour any of it on her!

After dinner we went back to the hotel! Just to freshen up and get our Bachelorette gear! Maybe these pics should be censored, but I will try to keep it clean! LOL

The Green Turtle

arn't most turrtles green? The Green Turtle was the first bar we hit on our OC, MD adventure! We just had dinner and got the drinks started! We posed as a group with the green turtle but we hid him in the process!