Friday, February 22, 2008

Stick Your Hair Up - Now!

Bathroom Graffiti - Pistol Hair Dryer

I need to have this!!!! I wish the web site its on
was in English because I would buy it in a split second! I would laugh every day when I was blow drying my hair. I can't stand it - keep your eyes open I have to have this! Could you imagine if you came to the shop to get your hair done and after your cut I pulled this out to dry your hair! It would be a hair blowing experience for sure! (I do wish it was Pink!!!) (via bathroom Grafitti)

Ed Hardy by Christian Audigier

Ed Hardy by Christian Audigier

This is my new favorite Perfume. I love perfume, I think I buy a new perfume every month, but I bet I will be stuck on this for awhile. I was hooked on Pink Suger by Aqualina for a year , thats a record for me. I love sweet smells, but I am not big on Vanilla. I am also not big on walking around smelling like food, ie. chocolate cake, apple pie, or birthday cake or like a mint stick of gum. This has a mild floral scent mixed with strawberry candy. I do love strawberries! However I don't get compliments left and right like I did with the Pink Sugar, but it is new and I only wore it twice. The best part about this purchase was I did buy it online at Macy' because no one had it anywhere where I could purchase it and leave with it in my hands so it was def. an online purchase for me. I absolutely love the bottle. I think half od my perfume addiction is I love the perfume botlles. This is about the sweetest bottle I have yet to own! (via Macy's)

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I miss the summer me...

Guess what I know you all hate when I do this but I have the winter blahs or something. My hair feels dry and even though I know every remedy and do every redken treatment in existance, its still feeling gross. So I have to start tanning again, Thats going to be the first step to curing my winter blues!!! I also want to chop my hair off!!!! SOOOOO Maybe after I see Posh Spice next week I will get motivated to get skinny and get her haircut! I miss that girl in the pics up there, right now I feel like Main and I want to be California! The winter me is boring and making me sick so its time for a makeover OR in my case a Make Again!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Has anyone checked out the Heidi Montag video "HIGHER"? Look at her when she is climbing the rocks...she looks like an ape. Anyway she is corny! Gess I know you love "The Hills" but seriously this girl is wierd. On the radio this morning they were calling her a butterface and I was cracking up!!!Thanks to my Billy I know what a butterface is!!!! P1! Also I can't get the whole Sarah Silverman/Matt Damon video out of my head!!! I love it! its my new number one song!!!! I tried posting them for you on here but its not working out at all! So google them, OR hit up my myspace. only the Sarah Silverman video was worthy of posting!!!!

Monday, February 4, 2008

finally...(another venting session)

I finally don't have the voice of the coal miners daughter anymore! I left the sexy raspy voice at home this morning! However the cough and headache are lingering...The doctor is trying and always tries to convince me my illnesses are due to chemicals in the hair salon I work in. I hate that - next time he is sick I am going to tell him your not really sick, your just are around sick people all day - you must be allergic. Quit your job Dr. do nothing!
Thats what he basically tells me -you have this and this but you wouldn't if you didn't work in a hair salon.
Hello wacko - could you please make some sense???
Yes he said if this doesn't go away call me back!
Thanks for so much insight and help. When was the last time I was here? June ? I havn't been sick since June - IF YOU THINK I HAVE NOT BEEN NEAR HAIR CHEMICALS SINCE JUNE - YOUR CRAZY!!!!!! HOW ABOUT A CLUE - IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH HAIR CHEMICALS!
He did give me antibiotics and it did help me , but all I really want is a cough medicine, just make this gross, painful, barking cough go away! Thanks for fixing my throat though and the runny nose and stuffiness is pretty much gone too!

Friday, February 1, 2008

I am always up for a challenge....Hey Ladies....

Hey Ladies See the common image in each of these pics, This is my cousin Jeff,and ladies he is soooo available! He is an independent, handsome, young, fun, daring, and funny guy! Jeff is so hilarious that he does stand up comedy in NYC! He is not just some funny guy he is HILARIOUS!!! He is screaming stability ladies, as he has his own aprtment and truck, he def. supports himself, I mean it STA-BIL-I-TY!!!! I am telling you too he has awesome hair - compliments of yours truley!!! Seriously Ladies I am sure this catch won't be available for long so scope him out for yourself, feel free to contact him at as he is a fellow blogger! Love Ya Jeff!