Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Our First Joint Purchase...

Last Night Billy and I bought a Jeep Wrangler Sahara Edition, I will make sure we get some pics as soon as we get a nice day! Its really quite nice - Its not 4 door like the pic So I do not want to Mislead you I JUST HATE BLOGGING WITHOUT SOME TYPE OF PICTURE!
Anyway Its Steel Blue - looks like a stormy sky! 2 Door/Hard and Soft Top, 4 Whhel Drive 6 Speed (so you won't see me driving it!) and all the fun stuff inside! Billy is so excited we went galavanting last night and it really was a lot of fun!
When Billy and I first started dating we used to take long drives and just drive endlessly all day we would go to malls far away and drive up to Sandy Hook and all over the Jersey Shore! We used to take long drives in the snow too and we always had so much fun and Last night we drove around from 8 to 11:30 and we really just had a great time!! Can't wait to take more long rides in the Jeep!!! Maybe we will swing by and see you!!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

If ya want to see this guy naked....

...Then go ahead and see "Forgetting Sarah Marshall". Kristen said it best, "full frontal in the first five minutes" Yes full frontal, and as if the initial shocker wasn't enough they did it again and again, all at the very beginning of the movie. The part that made me feel so bad was that there was this 70 year old man in line trying to pick out a movie and he was asking me whats this movie , whats that movie. And I had no clue so I was like I don't know and then he said I want to see "Baby Mama" and I looked at my cousin Katie, because it wasn't on the board and since I made this my problem I needed assistance so she helped me, and explained to him that it wasn't out yet! Then he comes back up to me a minute later and said "I am so sorry, but what is "Forgetting" - because on the board they only show half the title.
I said "OOOOHHH, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, thats what we are seeing!" in my normally perky helping voice!
He asked "Yea is that a comedy" and I said "Yes"
So after a little time passes, and all of us Girls finally meet up for our monthly movie and dinner - and we walk into the theater I see him sitting there front and center - well into the first five minutes of the movie I was regretting my decision to be so helpful. I just encouraged a Senior Citizen to watch a movie that has probably had a tramatic effect on his life, ok I am so dramatic but I can at least guarantee it ruined his movie going experience! I fealt like a misguided youth, even at 31...
Well the movie was so strange like "Superbad" but even worse. At least I could laugh at "Superbad". This had its ok moments and then it disgusted me again and again and again. Sometimes I have to see these movies a few times before I get the laughs, but If I don't ever see this again it will be ok with me!
There was only one part of the movie that had me in stitches (thats an over exageration for my giggle) and I can't even believe I remember it! I can't believe I am even going to share but this dorky newlywed character said" If God was a City Planner he wouldn't build a Playground next to the sewage dump" ahhhhh words to live by! LOL!!! - and that was the only real laugh that "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" got out of me!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Freestyle Explosion

Ok its a long story and I have no pics but thats another story thats really not important - I took a lot of pics but on someone elses camera so maybe they will be nice and send them to me! I have to tell you all about the serious walk I took down Memory Lane last night!!! My oh so Mr. Happy husband has a thing about leaving the house and going to places that are soooo crowded so he was not happy to leave the house last night, but I kept telling him we would be in a suite, not in the middle of the whole Sovereign Bank Arena! So once we got there he loosened up and we actually had a freaking blast!!!! We saw Coro, The Cover Girls, Judy Torres, Lissette Milendez, Rockelle and TKA/K7 and many more too but those were our faves! This is music we grew up on, not a lot of people know Freestyle (all though they packed 9000 people into that arena and had a sold out show!) and It made remember when I was falling in love with my husband that I only had a few friends who shared in the love of Freestyle, and when we realized that we both shared this love for this music, it was just a rekindling thing we had going on!!! Last night he told me if I didn't calm down I wasn't going to have a voice today and that was fine with me I was so happy I still remembered the words! He was laughing sooo hard at me too because he said "You sing all the parts, the song, the back-up and the music, your cracking me up!" We used to have a blue tape (yes a cassete- we are going way back!!!) and it was the best tape ever - we loved it and we were so corny we would sing it endlessly! We had the biggest box of freestyle tapes - mixes from friends who wanted to be dj's and special tapes that we would travel to the Music Factory in Sewel NJ because that was like the Freestyle Music Store! One time we even met LIL Suzy there and she signed pics and tapes and we were crazy kids then! Honestly I think that was the only thing missing from last night - Lil Suzy - where was she? and Stevie B - wished he was there too! Well the show was great for us maybe even a little theraputic, I know we are not old really but the concert reminded us of "our younger days" and of who we were and a little of where we came from! It is wierd how you loose touch with some things and its a great feeling when you remember again!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Hunter Update!

Hey I really wanted to post my own pics from Easter that I took and I will but we are doing some "remodeling" at the house so all of my pics are loaded on the computer and thats disconnected right now! So my Aunt Michelle had Hunter this weekend and she took some pics so everyone could see how big he is! So I stole a few because I think he is sooo cute and I too wanted to share! I love his big eyes and he is such a happy little guy!!!