Wednesday, January 20, 2010

SURPRISE!!!! New Blog Post, New Pics, New Year, New NEW nEW nEw...oh ya and a fire in the microwave, and Jeffs altar ego!.

There is a new 30 year old girl in town!!!! What a better way to welcome her to the club then with a great BIG SURPRISE PARTY!!!!!!

So my Katie Kates (also known as Katie Cakes) thought we were heading out to dinner to PF Changs, It would had been nice to go, but me and the family along with some friends had something else in mind!!
We were plotting for weeks, I set the stage with an alibi for dinner, in the mean time we were planning our own dinner and inviting friends and family. This is Katies friend from college, Heather, her husband Byron and their little girl.

This is Mackenzie, Katies niece who loves to party, she is so darn cute! Her hair is getting curly and she actually looks like Katie did when she was a baby!!

This is Bailey, she is a little star!!!

can u tell??? we love her so much!!!!

Oh ya, Mackenzie is mobile now, she walks around all by herself, and she is sooooo cute!!! I love that she wore the sweater dress and leggings i got her for Christmas!!!

This was the funniest part of the night Katie and Bailey were all set to blow out the candles and Aidan came running in and stole the moment. He blew that candle right out from under them!!!

So Aidan is all into the WII and we were laughing when he needed Mario to jump he would jump he was using his whole body it was adorable!!! Then he pulled up a box after about 2 hours and took a seat, which was too freaking cute too!!

Even Juno came to the party, it was little exciting for her, but Bailey kept checking on her, and even went to say goodbye to her!!!

Not sure what Jeff was trying to say here, but ok we will go with it!

Then as the night was winding down, Heather and Jeff were finally going to get some dinner, and Heather put her food on a Metallic"30" plate and I had, had a few drinks, and Jeff was eating taking a bite of his meatball sandwich and says, Dana your microwave is on fire, I scream Heather get your food out its on fire, Billy there is a fire in the microwave. I was so relaxed and at ease with the situation!!! See what a few Pomegranite Martinis will do, calm the nerves and make a fire seem like no big deal!!! We were cracking up, Poor Heather. There was a huge warning on the bottom of the plate not to place it in the microwave, wonder why? LOL! We just love to play myth busters and test things out!!!

This is my cousin Jeff Soles, he is a stand up comedian, who suddenly decided to become his Altar Ego when he tried Jims shirt on!!!!!

Who knew?!?!?!?!