Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Day....

Theses are just a few pics I took on Christmas Day, This day was just as hectic as the day before however the details are not fun more like boring, spent the day cleaning, and running...Sounds like the greatest Christmas ever right!
Well this is Bailey and I love the faces that she makes. Seriously Bailey has the most beautiful long eye lashes and she makes the simplest of faces, she doesn't carry on crying she just sheds a tear, she doesn't carry on laughing she just cracks a smile, she is soooo cute, I mean really she is just adorable!

Love her face here, seriously could she get any cuter, Jeff was trying so hard to get her to laugh or warm up to him, and this is just how she looked, like she just wasn't going to give in at all, no matter what!!!!

Jim put his hat on her and she looked adorable, it did't even bother her at all. Anyway she looked so cute in the hat and I think she liked it too!

I think she has a little angel face.

After all day of getting warmed up to us she finally started talking a little, not too much just the little yes here and there, and then Ian got her to crack up a little with some tickling!

These are just some random shots of the family!

Me and Jeff just messing around, wait til I show you the "Betch" t-shirt he got me, its hysterical because I got him a Perez Hilton Shirt, thats says "shiteous" We are crazy!!!! I got Kaie an Ed Hardy T-shirt and I have no idea why I wasn't taking pics of this stuff!!!

Molly got some Blendy Pens and and airbrush tool for her Blendy Pens, she seems so mature to me this year, and I love it, a little bit, I love that she is more pleasant and happy, and she isn't crying about things and getting soo mad, but thats great she can stop growing now I would love to keep her just like this!

Jeff and Chrissy are finally maturing too!!! Hahahaha!!! Thank Goodness!!!

At least I can depend on Katie for a good smile!!!!

Christmas Day really came and went too soon. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas Day!!!!


michelle said...

i cant believe how much bailey looks like ian! shes adorable.
and u cousins buy gifts for each other still?? sheesh! take a break already!
and love the molly story... and i KNOW u have to look up the exact lyrics before blogging bc i KNOW .. no matter what you say, that you were not singing the right words!!!! ;) love ya!

Beth said...

Looks like you had a great Christmas! Don't worry about the cards. I am envisioning how cute they would be in my mind and you did a great job! 3 jobs?!?! That stinks but at least you are back down to two now.

Jeff said...

I love the pics. I'm gonna steal some. I'm cracking up at me stealing a kiss from Bailey and she just does not care. At least my dad got her to warm up to him. But then again, he asked my mom if he could give her her present. That's the only reason why she liked him! Cheater. What a deck. LOL!