Sunday, August 24, 2008

Chris and Karen get a Shim shower, Pennsy style...

A shim shower, as we were calling it, because Chris was coming in from Isreal for 1 day and we wanted to do something for him and his future wife, as their wedding is fast approaching. Figuring Karen would be having a shower soon in Texas or Florida, his Mom figured we would take the oppurtunity and throw him a shim shower in Pennsy! Actually any excuse just to see Him and all be together as family is just what we needed!!! Its actually quite nice when we all get together and just be together

SURPRISE!!!!! Actually we were the ones surprised!!! Because the guest of honor had a surprise for us. Karen flew up from Texas just to join us! This was the first time I had the chance to meet her, aside from a few phone calls we never actually met face to face, and I have to say she is great. I fealt like we had known each other and been friends forever, seriously she is a great girl!!!
Hunter was scooped up by my mom almost immediately, isn't he so cute!!!

Mr. Texas himself and his sister Caleigh

Me.... making faces at Billy and his camera!

Olivia and James....

Caleigh and Chris...

Caleigh and her future sister in law Karen...

Aunt Di Di (My MoM) and Kyle....

The 2 Bills!!! My dad and my husband...

This is classic!!! Cracking me up that Karen and Chris were all posed with Hunter and suddenly when I snapped the pic Hunter turned away!!! Love it!!!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


forgive all my crazy typos in the post below, but when i try to edit, nothing I typed appears, so I am sure you will get the point when you read it, just know I am not really the worst typer, speller, or anything that may appear to make me look illiterate, or crazy because the comments are not even with the correct pictures its just some crazy glitch!

Kymms Bridal shower!!!

So the countdown to Kymm and Kevins wedding has begun. This such an exciting time in their lives, I mean just look at the bride to be! Constantly reminds me of myself just less then one year ago! This Kymm being surprised, I really don't think she had a clue until she arrived at Westaby Hall and then I think she began to suspect something of her moms behavior. The hint was instead of "OMG" it was "WOW, You are a really bad actress"!

Kym was cracking me up with her new Giraffe oven Mitt, look how excited Kevin is!!

So Madison must love mac's just as much as her godmother Kymm! lol!

So at the shower we played all kinds of games, and one game was to write down your memory of Kymm or Kevin and they would have to guess who wrote it. Well I am not big into games and I can't think fast at all, so on the spot I am useless. But now that 3days have passed I have come up with two good ones!!!
#1. Note to self fun fruits do not belong in your nose - sorry kid, but you learned your lesson

#2.Some times I feel guilty because when I would babysit you I would watch headbangers ball on Mtv and you would sneak out of your room and I would find you sitting on the floor at the other end of the couch, and now your way more of a metal head then I ever was!
Ok now that I have made myself seem like the worst babysitter ever, I have to say I can't believe my little cousin who used to run at top speed around mom moms house like it was a race track, climb up pop pop in his chair like he was a mountain, the kid who loved trucks and ninja turtles more then anything, the kid who loved rubber spiders and snakes is GETTING MARRIED!!! Well Congrats we love you and Kymm and we just can't wait!! Pretty soon us kids will all be old married people!!!

Finally get to show you...

This is the apron Kymm picked out for her registry, so I picked it up as one of her shower gifts...

...and made her this recipe box to match! I wish the flash wasn't bouncing off of it but it was really shiny from the modge podge and not to mention the bling!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Just in case....

Just in case you were wondering, this is what I look like when I grocery shop - thanks Jeff I had no clue you even took this pic,
But now I get to see what I look like when I grocery shop!!!

...And OMG Cholesterol!!!!

We have a joke everytime we grocery shop - this was tonights joke and last time the joke was all over the floor when I dropped a yogurt and acted helpless and Jeff cleaned it up! Such a good cousin - he brought the camera this time hoping for a re-enactment - but no such luck...til next time, Giant, we don't do phone numbers!

Like I said below - No Grown Ups Allowed...

Ok so all of a sudden all the grown ups are in the front of the yard and seperated from all the children at Lil Mario's birthday party last Sunday, Suddenly you hear the children screaming and carryng on laughing. Then Ashley comes running for her Mom, Hurry up Bring the camera...
So we all take off to see whats going on and look what we find..

Thats Liz burried under a pile of kids in this jumpy thing that kids like, obviously Liz likes it too, well at least she thought she did!
Look at Ashley's face I am thinking she is fearing for Liz's life...(or maybe she thinks Liz is crazy! LOL)

Look at her!!! I am cracking up, because there is no way in the world I would have thought to join them in there, I have no idea what she was thinking! But it was good for a laugh!

Look now she finally got out from under the pile of kids, and she is warning them to stay where they are and not come near her so she can make her escape!

And her escape was not that easy as she falls to the ground upon exiting the jumpy thing! It was so nice of her friends to help her as I just sat there and took pictures! Love Ya Liz!

Lil Mario's Birthday Party

I guess since he is 9 now we should stop calling him "little Mario", but I don't think we can just kick the habit just like that - so it may take a little while or it just may stick forever...But he isn't so little anymore!!
This is Jenn and Neil being silly, they look like they are having a great time!!

Look at Marios Crazy face!! love it, and I love how innocent and sweet Liz looks, like she has no idea, and she thinks he is making a sweet face too!

Liz and Cherie

Michelle with her neice and Nephew, I love this picture!

Me and Liz

Look how Liz makes her son get his picture taken! He said next year no one under ten is allowed to come to his party...Maybe he should rethink it and say no grown ups are allowed! Its stuff like this that make me realize my mom and dad were normal, even though I thought they were corny. They really were just having fun, and I was just being difficult thinking they weren't cool! See my friends and I are loosing our coolness now!

Me and ASHLEY - she is Jim and Cheries daughter and seriousky she is 9 too and I just can't believe how big she is, so tall!!! But she is a cutie and I love her haircut!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Fightin Mad Mary Tagged me!

Ok here is the story I love to flip through the blogs on this blogger website!! I am so nosey and I love looking at peoples pictures - I just think I love real life stuff~ Well one time I was googling some hair products and I found this blog and so I met Fightin Mad Mary through her blog, not for real just in blog life, and I have to say I love her! I love her life, I love her stories and all the stuff she shares with the whole world!! I am so envious of the jersey girl who became a teacher and kissed it goodbye to work in reality tv! I feel like it will be possible for me to one day kiss the 9-5 life goodbye and become a hairdresser for some company like Redken in New York on 5th Avenue- oh to dream big!! Ha Ha well maybe just be a hairdresser for more then just the part time gig thing! I really just feel like ya never know what life has in store for you one day you could be studying journalism and then boom your putting in hair extensions - That was me! Up and down and all around and never really sure whats up next but willing to take the challenge! So needless to say when my West Coast blog friend tagged me I was more then happy to accept the tag and blog!

And this is the quiz that goes along with the award:

A. attached or single? Attched and loving it! Married life is much more then I expected and I honestly can say I love it!

B. best friend? Billy is my best bud, thats what we are - there is no one else in the world who could be what he is! Friends are different, My best friends know who they are because they have been with me since the early years and I love that! Michelle since day one, Gess since we were pre-teens and Katie who is like the sister I never really had.

C. cake or pie? I am such a cake girl , but its not even the cake - its really the icing and seriously pie just doesn't have icing

D. day of choice? Saturday - its me day - no work, no hair~

E. essential item? my purse!!!!!! it is the essential item that holds all the esential items!

F. favorite color? pink - I love glittery pink too!

G. gummy bears or worms? worms are just gross, I wiouldn't touch one evr and I don't think I have had a gummy bear since like 4th grade!

H. hometown? Levittown, PA

I. favorite indulgence? well here is the thing if it summer its fudge brownie water ice from rita's and seriously in the winter I love white powdered donuts - I know I am strange

J. January or July? July

K. kids? no way, not sure its in our plan...

L. life isn't complete without? Billy

M. marriage date? October 13, 2007

N. number of brothers & sisters? Just me!

O. oranges or apples? Apples

P. phobias? Rubber bands and balloons

Q. quotes? It's very expensive to be me - Anna Nicole Smith - (I really can make life expensive, I have an awful habbit that involves clothing, shoes and make-up, I tell Billy all the time - there are just some things at the mac counter and in Macy's that I honestly can't live without, He agrees! lol!)

R. reasons to smile? I am just smiley all the time - sometimes I even smile when I am not happy, again I am strange and you are cute!

S. season of choice? Fall

T. tag seven peeps! oh this is at the way bottom - I know the anticipation is killing you!

U. unknown fact about me? I love gossip! Oh thats not an unknown thing is it...truth is I love to talk and I will prob talk about anything with anyone! Unless I am concentrating on your hair then you do the talking and I will giggle and tell you how cute you are 50 times b/c I am deeply involved in my work!! - (I guess thats not really unknown is it Michelle, lol)

V. vegetable? overly steamed broccoli

W. worst habits? smoking

X. x-ray or ultrasound? never really had either but ultra sounds look wierd all that jelly stuff looks gross

Y. your favorite food? mexican

Z. zodiac sign? Sagitarius
And now I'm to tag seven people with this award and quiz:
Michelle, Gessika, Jeff, Jenn, Kristen, Tina, and Beth