Saturday, February 21, 2009

Dear Bambi,....Love Squat

Dear Bambi, I wish you didn't decide that crossing the Road was a good idea on Friday Night...

I was leaving for the Hamburg Hideaway on Friday night, I pulled off my street, pulled out of my section, crossed through the 5 points intersection, proceeded toward Route 1 on Woodbourne Road, accelerated as I went up the hill, just crested over the hill, started in to the wind of the road and suddenly saw a huge deer in my path...
Slammed on my breaks as hard as I could because I soooooo didn't want to hit this deer.
I pulled my steering wheel toward the shoulder hoping I would somehow swerve around this massive animal, and then BOOOOM..
I hit it...
I was so saddened immediatly as the deer was under my car for a few seconds trying to scramble out, I was screaming...
He finally got out form under my car and scrambled for a minute to his feet, and he ran off...
He ran off leaving Squat busted and broke...
I was so upset, upset that the grill of my car was cracked, and the front end bumper cracked in two places...
I was relieved that Bambi did not die, but I told my dad and husband there were feathers (fur- who knew what dears had on them?) stuck to my car, and it was so sad.
I hope that Bambi is ok, he took off without even a limp, so I do hope his ego was the only thing bruised, but I am sure its more then that, but now my squat (thats what my car's name is)is bruised and broken, and now I have to fix it to make it all ok.
I wish that deer only crossed where deer crossing signs were posted - and I do not believe there are any posted within a 25 mile radius of my house.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I had to work at "Karma" on Valentines Day. I love that we have been so busy at this salon, last year my January and February were so bad I had to quit that shop and relocate to a different salon, well I think third time is a charm, because I ahve been nothing but busy at this salon, and I am nothing but thankful, and I love it.
So it was nice to be somewhere I loved being to start my Valentines Day off!
Anyway this happens to me every holiday, every birthday, every special occassion...
I always feel like Billy forgot me, so strange, when he remembers me I want to hang myself I hate the gushy awkwradness, I have ruined eveything for myself I guess you could say...

He had flowers delivered to me at work once (10 yrs ago), I freaked out a little, I told him don't ever do that again, I can't stand when everyone is like ohhhh look at your flowers and then they are prompted to make a big deal and make me feel so strange or they feel the need to ask a million questions. I think now that he is my husband I would be ok, because now its easier he is my husband, and thats that.
He has surprised me with dinners, and jewelry galore, and I wear it for a little bit, but then it gets placed in my jewelery box or lost. Yup you heard me, LOST. He bought me a really thick Omega and I wore it for awhile - the truth is the thing is so darn thick I feel like I need mega jewelry to go with it...I do love it, but its thick!! And its Gold, and I am more into white gold then yellow gold but thats fine I have it just in case I ever switch back!!!

Our Second Valentines Day he thought it would be nice to go to dinner with another couple, which it was, and this is when I met Liz, but she was just discovering new things about herself and she was droppin bombs all over the place!!! Anyway it was quite an eventful evening and Billy gave me a beautiful amythyst bracelt, which was stolen out of my car about five years ago - long story, but that was that.
Then on our 5th Valentines Day he gave me a tennis bracelet which I eventually lost - just slipped off my wrist somewhere in the King of Prussia Mall, and again that was that...

So anyway this year - I went to work, and then when I got home at 5:30 he was all ready to take me shopping and to dinner, so the forgot thought had left my mind quickly, and I changed and off we went!

I got a pair of hip slung pants from the gap and a new pair of Seven Jeans, love them!!! I wanted a new phone but since the phone I want is expensive and my contract is not up til April, its going to take some creative bargaining on my end. Anyway then we went to dinner at 99. We had never been there together before so it was actually very nice. The snow was falling outside so that made the evening even a little more fun. It was the first time that we just paused and laughed and got silly together. I mean I was pretty silly - but ya know what one alchoholic beverage does to me...I get extremely happy!
So all in all it was a very happy evening and we had a good time, and I just feel like rather then being pressured into the whole obligation of Valentines Day, we really just celebrated us, and it was a lot of fun.

Sometimes I miss the younger us, the wild couple that was always doing something fun, we are way more toned down now, we know how to have a good time, its just rare that we do! We both work so much and my husband has become so much of a home body, yes I mean hermit, really I just think he likes to relax. Me on the other hand I could go out and stay out for hours. I have no quams about working 12 hours and then running errands, which I think drives my husband crazy, If I just come home then I get bored and then I fall asleep, so there is no point I have way too much energy, yet I find myself feeling that shopping and running errands is more satisfying then the party person I once was.
So this is who we are becomig and as the years go by and the holidays come and go I thinK we are finding that we really do love the company of one another and all the things that come along with who we are. So Happy Valentines to us and to many more to look forward to!

Monday, February 9, 2009

I have downsized to "Medium"...

Downsized to "Medium", at least my husband will appreciate the change...
I love purses and shoes, as if that wasn't a given!
When Molly was over last weekend she walked in my room and saw my wall of shoeboxes, and she inquired if I collected shoeboxes?
She walked herself right over to my Betsey Johnson Box, and said I would love to take this one, because I collect shoeboxes!
Oh you would, would you? I love her but she doesn't need my hot pink Betsey box with the leopard skin tissue paper, nope she doesn't need it at all!
So I said to her I am so sorry kiddo but my shoes need their boxes, its essential in taking proper care of your shoes, just like I would hope you keep your Uggs in their box so they stay nice while your not wearing them!
Well she was fine with that, Thank Goodness, because I usually give into her in a heartbeat without a second thought, but not my Betsey Johnson box, a pair of sneakers maybe, but not the Betsey Box...
Anyway I finally ordered my Ed Hardy, "Diddy" Bag, and I finally got it!
After so much back and forth and undecidedness (is that a word - who cares I know you got me)I love large purses, I actually love extra large purses, and I pack them with enough crap to break my back, and cost myself soooo much time digging through them to find keys and whatever else that has gotten lost inside the black hole of my beautiful extra large purses!
When my mom and I were dress shopping once, I turned a corner and catapulted a lady into a rack of clothes because I wacked her with my purse, I pretty much assaulted her without even realizing it. My mom and I were hysterical! (I apologized, I promise)
Anyway Billy just dreads everytime I request he grab something from my purse, and he is constantly begging me to make my next purse purchase a smaller purse purchase. I wish he knew smaller bags cost more money! LOL, No really this one did, just because its Ed Hardy, but I can't help myself when I get it in my head - I can't get rid of it til I have it... just the way it happens some times!
So needless to say I got the purse finally and I just knew it was going to be small, AND all though I am so into the oversized purse thing, this was perfect. The description was "ED Hardy Medium Diddy", well its def my idea of small, and no where near my idea of medium, but I am adjusting and I must say I do like it. I do wish that it was more of a tote bag, but It is growing on me and I am dealing with it! Can't wait to show it to you!!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Wikki-wikki-wikki-wikki shut up

So saturday night I took Molly and her friend Michael roller skating at the palace. So strange and why hadn't i done this before with her?

I was asking Tina, a few weeks ago, if her son Henry liked roller skating, he is the same age as Molly, and she said yes he did! Well after a long in depth conversation because I wasn't even sure if she would like it we were going to a skating party hosted by Henry's school, and it was very exciting, as soon as Michael found out we were going, he was on board!
I was glad too because some times Molly changes her mind in .02 seconds flat and I would have had skates on too, just to ease her into it, and I was afraid that was going to be my fate on Saturday. I was wrong, she put those skates on and she rocked and she rolled, and off she went without a problem at all.
Every time a kid fell, I fealt so scared immediately, i was like nooooo!!! You should have seen their wobbly little legs and their flailing bodies as they tried so hard to keep themselves from falling. I also loved the dads that went rounds holding their little girls hands, it was so adorable!
Thank goodness if Molly, Michael, or Henry fell I didn't see it happen, I may have cried!!! Suprisingly they all skated just great!! Like little pro's and I don't think they fell at all. Tina said I made Molly sound as if she would be shaking holding onto the wall in our original converasation, and I have to be honest I probably did. She had never been skating except for once, and I bought her skates last year and once before when she was 5 and I never saw her use them ever, so I wasn't sure. But the child has no fear, and I love it!

(I love this pic above she knew my camera didn't take the pic and she leaned back to still pose from behind some guy)

Allthough when her and Michael informed me they were tripping each other or trying to I did have to remind them how dangerous that was, but see they have no fear...
Anyway I do just have one question, isn't the roller skating enough? why does there have to be an arcade??? seriously Molly and Michael would have stayed in the arcade the whole time, and serioulsy that gets on my nerves... I think parents of America should boycott arcades. I think gamblers were born in arcades! Anyway they each got ten dollars and her tickets added up to items that would cost me a quarter each if I had purchased them somewhere else. Well whatever thy got dracula teeth and a fun dip and a sour melon dumb.

Anyway Jeff stopped by with the intentions of skating and i guess he realized too he didn't have to, so that was good too. So we just got to chill out together and talk and take pics and reminisce.

All of a sudden the memories started plowing into my brain, the skate rental, the smell from the good old Roller Rama, the Dice Game, Skating backwards and feeling so cool because I did it and because I never flipped the wall and broke an arm like so many people I knew! The old people who did couples pro skating in the middle while us kids just made our way around the rink, around them! They skated so perfectly, and I always thought I couldn't wait til they announce "couples skate" so I could try! LOL!! A girl could dream right!!!
Anyway even though the music was playing in my head I heard "2 of hearts" by Stacey Q and just these word to my all time favorite skate song, I was so hoping they would play, but they didn't! Maybe when they tore down Roller Rama this song died too, who knows, I have it on my i-pod!

Superman had come to town to see who he could rock
He blew away every crew he faced until he reached the block
His speakers were three stories high with woofers made of steel
And when we boys sit outside, he said "I boom for real"
He said, "I'm faster than a speedin' bullet when I'm on the set
I don't need no fans to cool my a**, I just use my super breath
I could fly three times around the world without missin' a beat
I socialize with X-ray eyes, and ladies think it's sweet
And then he turned his power on and the ground began to move
And all the buildings for miles around were swayin' to the groove
And just when he had fooled the crowd and swore he wouldn't fight
We rocked this bet with a 12 inch cut called Disco Kryptonite
Well, Superman looked up at me, he said, "You rock so naturally"
I said now that you've learned to deal, let me tell you why I'm so for real
I'm Cozmo D from outer space, I came to rock the human race
I do it right 'cause I can't do it wrong
That's why the whole world is singin' this song
Jam on it Jam on it
I said jam-j-j-jam on it

So it all just makes me wonder what songs will remind her of times in her life, at this point it will be I know it will be Flo-Rida or Little Wayne, saddest part about that is at 32 years old I have both those CD's and we love listening to them, I know thats awful, so either I havn't grown up or she is way too grown up?