Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Some Halloween Previews!!!!

WELL, I would love to tell you all that I had a blast on Halloween, and it was so unforgettable, and actually it was but not in the infamous party and fun way I love to remember things. Are you catching what I am throwing here?
So I had to work all weekend and I was suppossed to go to Jeffs Party with Billy and Katie but sometimes a party in the middle of a 21 day marathon work schedule, just doesn't work out! Or I am feeling like and old married lady who would rather sit home after a hard days work, or I just can't get enough and I get carried away with other things, and I have to tell you I got carried away helping to create Olivia the Lion! Love it!!!
Doesn't she look so cute!!! Ok back to the tale of the evening!
Ok so I went home started getting ready for Jeffs party as you can see the crazy hair that I have - I actually fealt like the Amy Whinehouse version of a hardcore Phillies fan! Gave out candy to a few trick or treaters while I was getting ready! Billy came home and I went up to Livs House.
Her and her friends had the ultimate Halloween thing going on! I think I was a little jealous inside that I couldn't stay and play! Anyway they organized a Halloween Scavanger Hunt and it was really cool. I was doing her hair and they were reading me the challenges on their scavanger hunt list and seriously it was fun and creative and they weren't hurting anything or stealing or anything or doing anything nutty - they were taking pics to prove what they did on the list, and I have to say, it looked like a great time!!! They were dressed up according to their group themes, and Liv was a Lion, her friends were a tiger, a leopard, a zebra and I believe there was a lion tamer too!!
Kudos to them, I hope they all had a great time!!!

So after all that fun I returned home to find that I was absolutely too beat to party! Hey, at least I have an excuse to stop and take a minute every now and then and just enjoy an evening with my husband.
At least thats how I fealt til the fire engines started racing down my street at midnight. Seriously one after the other - 3 different Levittown Companies and then A Fairless Hills. I begged Billy -PLEASE I need to see whats going , I am taking a walk - PLEASE come with me!!! Billy loves to see my nosiness get carried away! But I really can't help it - I need to know - I need to see, I can't wait to find out and I can't wait to tell everyone! And once I know something is up I JUST CAN'T LET IT REST!!!! Ugh!!!!!!
So then he says get in the Jeep - your not walking anywhere - its too cold - I will just drive you!
YAYAYAYAYAYA!!!!! YAY!!!!!!! Billy caved in for the first time!!!!!! This was MAY-JA!
We grabbed the camera and after those fire trucks we went. Come to find out there was a house on "the one way street" - I grew up calling it that because my Aunt used to live down on that street and it was connected to my street so when I was a kid I either told my parents I would be down the street, or down the one way street - so they knew what street I was really on! Crazy HA?
Well by the time we got there it was smoldering to nothing and the atmosphere was very sad - we didn't take any pics because it just fealt really wierd - and disrespectful - there is video on youtube too, but I won't post it because it really is very sad. As far as I know no one was hurt and nothing was in the paper about it - but someones home was lost and that was a really sad thing. Being there made me and Billy both think that maybe something was left on at our house and just to be cautious we needed to go home and make sure all was really well on the homefront.
So today I was so excited because I didn't really get to see anyone on Halloween, so I didn't get pics of the normal kids you would see on my page! But Aunt Shell shared Hunters pics with me and I have to tell you I could eat this kid up! He is the cutest little monkey I ever saw!!!! I just had to share!!!

I mean SERIOUSLY I could eat his little cheeks!!! They are so cute!!! I love that he was a little monkey, it was perfect!!!!
Well Happy Halloween!!!


Jeff said...

Total bummer that you couldn't come, but my party was kind of beat! So you picked the better things to do than my house. lol I was so tired too. But you looked good as usual! The monkey is cracking me up! His cheeks barely fit through the face hole!

Daily dose of Dana said...

omg do you know how adorable he is!!! I hope you can meet him soon - he is soooo darn cute and sooo happy!!! I hope your god daughter has cute chubby cheeks too!