Thursday, October 30, 2008

We WIN!!!!!!...But let me tell you about my night!!!

So I was doing hair last night when the game started, and when I was done I planned on stopping by my cousins to watch the end of the game! Anyway he lives in an Apartment Complex like 5 minutes from my house. I pulled in the parking lot at the end of the eighth inning and went inside. I watched the 9th inning which I am not even sure it was 15 minutes long, Before we knew we were World Champs!!! Suddenly we started hearing all this racket outside! Nikki was there hanging out in her new apartment - she is Jeffs new roomie!!! Anyway she leaves and before ya know it we are watching the streets of Philadelphia explode with crowds of rambuctious Phillies fans!
So suddenly Nikki busts back through the door with the most serious fearful look on her face, and the poor girl couldn't get the words out of her mouth fast enough"you better get out here, someone spraypainted your car!!!!", OMG!!!! This was a joke right?
Nope - We walk outside and there sits Jeffs Brand new charger with this whiteish-silvery joyful wavey spray creatively decorating the whole car all the way around. It was awful to see that someone would do this to a brand new car. It was sooo strange, there were fireworks exploding overhead, You could hear people hollering and screaming cheering all around, horns honking. I was trying to call my dad, my husband, my mom, but ALL CIRCUITS WERE BUSY. I immediately touched it and it was still wet so he grabbed a wet wash cloth and started trying to dilute the substance and trying his darndest to get it off. I walked down around the Parking Lot and some other cars got it down in the other parking lot too, so at least it was not an I HATE JEFFREY crime!
Ok so we decide there is sooo much craziness going on, and we can see the paint on his car is bubbling and getting real weird so we decide to haul off to my house to wash his car down. I have a hose and my dad said maybe some compound wax would help because I finally got a hold of him!!!!! Anyway I hop in my car Jeff hops in his and off we go to my house that is only 3 minutes away.
So we get to 5 points and what do we see, everyone who lives in Levittown is piled into the intersection partying! Yes they were partying in the middle of the intersection - the place was loaded with cops and we sat at the light forever with no place to go because there were mobs of people everywhere!! What a night for me to forget my camera. We could see that cars were stuck in the middle of the intersection with no where to go!!!
It was like a riot scene!! But apperently according to the paper it was all in good fun! Apparently it was a party 28 years in the making,here you can read for yourself!

This must be when everyone first started heading up to 5 points,here is a video I found on You Tube!!! we are crazy out here in Bucks County! I will look for more from the not so early part of the night!

I stole the pics above from the Bucks County Courier times just so you can see what we had to drive through! I never knew the 5 corners that led me to my neighborhood was such a hotspot - If ya read the story it explains that people have been planning to do this since they had done it 28 years ago the first time we made it to the World Series!! Well here we are in the phillyburbs partying like we were in South Philly!


Beth said...

Hi! I found you from Fighting ad Mary...and I just gotta say...that picture at the top?? BEAUTIFUL!!! and you have THE most freakin fantastic blue eyes I have ever seen!

Jeff said...

Yeah dood, oven cleaner on my car!? Seriously?! $4000 worth of damage to my car?! Seriously?!

Memories of us said...

The whole thing is CRAZY! poor Jeff! I can understand the celebrating but some people just take it way to far!