Monday, November 24, 2008

Friday Night....After the sun went down...

Friday was our first full day here.
Everyone in the family was running in a million different directions, it was crazy fun, people coming and going all day!
I was doing my moms hair, my mom did my hair!!! Yes she was my colorist this day, and she def. did a darn good job too!!! I just needed to revive my red a little, and even though I have already cut my hair twice since the initial chopping off, and I have decided we are going shorter! Its just not right yet!!!!
Ok back to Chris and Karens wedding weekend, don't get too excited I am no where's near blogging about the bride and groom, they were busy today! They had bridesmaids luncheons, and rehearsal at church and rehearsal dinner today.
Billy and I went crazy looking for coffee today and to my surprise - AMERICA DOES NOT RUN ON DUNKIN! Dana might, but America NO! Why you ask??? Because the closest Dunkin Donuts to us is in Tennessee and Texas, so its not even possible that America runs on Dunkin because they don't even exist in all of America! Ok I am over it because we found a Starbucks! So then Billy took me tanning, because I, the tanorexic queen, was going through withdraw!!!
Ok sooooo anyway, after my little tanning session, Billy and I met up with my Nonna's brother, Uncle Larry, his wife Aunt Anne, and their son Joey. I guess its probably Joe, but its Joey because thats what my mom calls him and thats how I have always known him so thats that!
Anyway, Billy and I had the greatest time! We went to dinner at McGuires and it was sooo much fun. The place is wallpapered in $1 bills, and wait til you see the drink Uncle Larry got!!

This is a picture of Aunt Anne drinking Uncle Larry's Irish wake, we all tried it, and I had to laugh because I was afraid to take a sip and Uncle Larry said it tastes good like Rum and Coke, It did not taste like a rum and coke!!!!

Anyway, Billy got Senate Bean Soup for $.18, just had to share that because no where can you buy something for less then a quarter but you can at McGuires! He also got the biggest steak ever, and I even got to cook him steak and eggs for breakfast and I made him a potatoe pancake from his left over mashed potatoes! Goooo Meee!!!! Just like my Pop Pop used to do. Speaking of Pop Pop and the bean soup, the Senate Soup smelled just like Mom and Pops house when Pop Pop used to make his bean soup, I am convinced it really was the same soup!

I digress sooo much! Sorry!!!
Ok so back on track! It was tooo funny when we arrived at McGuires I realized my parents were across the street with the rest of the family at Zea, where the rehearsal dinner was being held. And I though Ohhhh Mann, my dad is going to be soooo jealous that I am here. So when we went in and sat with Uncle Larry and Aunt Anne and Joey, Uncle Larry suggested that I may know someone who would really like this place. He also suggested I give that guy a call as soon as the bag pipe player was swinging by us. (He was referring to my dad, just in case you weren't sure)!
I gave him a call. no answer, but thats was ok he was busy!
So I just text him and then I text him again, and I was just teasing him, and before you know he was calling me wondering how I could do this to him! LOL!
I told him it was Uncle Larry's fault!
Anyway my parents and my my Nonna had decided to join us after rehearsal, but my two Cosmos ruined my oppurtunity of coordinating that correctly!! Just ask my mom, she will tell you the phone conversation where I was no help at all, and actually I sat outside waved goodbye to Uncle Larry, Aunt Anne, and Joey as they pulled out of the parking lot and with the same wave I was waving hello to my mom and Nonna as they were walking up to us. My mom said where is Uncle Larry, and I said actually he was in that car that just pulled out.
So my poor dad who was parking the car never got to come in to McGuires that night because we all headed back to the hotel to have a little after party there!


Jeff said...

You are cracking me up looking for DD and a tanning salon. How long were you gone for? Missing home already? You should DD a letter and tell them to change their slogan.
That bar looks awesome. I wanna go.
I don't remember Pop Pop making soup or potatoes. That makes me sad. I wish I got to hang out with them both longer so I could appreciate it more.

Memories of us said...

I used to live in Pensacola only about 15 minutes from Pensacola beach! That is where I was married the first time!! LOL Have a great time there!