Saturday, November 15, 2008

kymm and kevin were hitched and I am finally posting some pics!!!

Sooo Kymm and Kevin got married on October 18th, I know this took a while right!!! Well there has been so much going on in my life lately - pretty soon I hope to have some exciting news as I am hoping to be on a new avenue that has possibly opened for me - I will keep you updated I promise! However for now we can rewind to October 18th!
I was seriously the master of tasks this day and I have to admit I was pretty succssful!!! I was Hair dresser extraordinare, Reader at church, and then last minute deliverer and setter upper! Ha those were some words!!!
Billy had a job too he was the boys photographer and he took some great pics of the guys at the hotel and church and then he just continued throughout the day and made Kymm super happy!

Jeff and Kevin doing what they called the K-Mart pose, for what its worth I don't think any of us ever got pics taken at K-Mart so I am not sure what they are referring to but Ok because it was funny!
Do we know these guys? I mean seriously this is a great pic!!! Kevin, Uncle Mark, and Sean - the Russell boys all look smashing! Look at that smile on Seans face, have you ever seen that before? Nice job Billy - see he can be a happy guy! LOL!

...and here is the proof that this is Kevin Russell, It just wouldn't be a day about Kevin without some real tree accessories...Nice Kev, Real Nice!!!

Aunt Maureen and myself waiting at the front of church to be seated! This was the beginning of my nervousness!! I could not believe how shakey I was getting due to having to read - I think it was more about what I had to read then the fact that I was reading but my voice trembled the whole time - it was truley awful!! I am not sure if anyone even realized it but my reading deffinitely was not finished on my paper and I didn't even know it til I was up there reading it and realized - that was not a complete sentence...OMG!!!!! what do I do now??? I have no idea, and suddenly the priest chimed in and finished my reading - thank you God! He was probably thinking - who picked the blonde to read?

Look at Kymm on the altar - so Pretty - loved the church, and I loved the way the lighting came in through the windows, it was all so perfect!!!!

Love this picture of my Aunt Mary and Aunt Anne, they were having a blast!!!! The reception was soooo much fun! We arrived early to set some things up, Kymm is def a great party planner!! She had a a painting that would be their first painting in their new home and everyone had to pic a number fill in their name on a piece of paper and then color in that number on the painting it was really neat, wish I had a pic but I really don't!, andway then I had made her sign in book so it was really a lightly embellished scrap book and everyone got to sign the pages in pink silver or black, and all the pages were white black and grey - it was really cute. When it was all done it looked like a yearbook! It was all so nice! Anyway Billy was like how did you get all these jobs today? and he wasn't annoyed he was just like whoa, were you the little wedding person today, andyway I said "Hey, I know that we only got married 1 year ago, and I know you still have no idea what went into the planing, but I know what its like to be the girl getting ready to go to church and all of a sudden all these forgotten things start to coming to mind and then to have to look around and think who can help, and the you see Joanna, and say Hey Joanna can you please go to AC Moore and grab me a throw away bouquet - I don't have a bouquet to toss!!!! So I wanted to be Kymms Joanna, because I just knew she would need someone not in the wedding to help!

Me and Molly
Katie and Steph, the life of the party!!!!

Rebcca and Tim, the parents to be...

Me and Billy

Christine and Ian, Love Ians new shoes!!!

Ok so this is it for now - my next blog will from somewhere in Pennsacola Beach....we are leaving this week for Chris and Karens wedding - can't wait to shere!!!!

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Jeff said...

Well I didn't notice the reading flub. So I'm sure no one else did either. Love all the pics. You and Bill are so awesome! So glad I'm related to you two! lol