Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Bus for change...

Ya know - 5 points in Levittown PA is a hotspot lately! Tonight while on my way to vote I saw the Obama/Biden bus for change. I snagged a pic from their website www.busforchange.com.
Anyway last night there were people who displayed a giant flag at the intersection rallying for McCain, well I guess the passerbyes from last night felt the intersection was one sided! Tonight they hauled in this bus, and the 5 corner points were evenly divided, but I have to tell you the corner with the bus looked like a great big party and it looked like fun too! I went back with my camera and the boss had moved on! - Why do I keep missing these photo ops at 5 points??
Anyway Its about midnight and Time Magazine online is saying its a done deal and Obama 08 is the 44th president of the United States - no one else is saying it yet, but I am wishing I lived on the West Coast so I could stay up a few more hours and really find out!!! I know their polls just closed so I know it will be just a little longer of a wait! Well good luck America, I can't wait to wake up tomorrow to find out the final results!!! I am hoping me and little miss Emmy got it right!!! (wink wink kiddo!!)


Jeff said...

I am very excited about the new president and so happy that I finally voted for someone and they won! My first time ever! And I'm excited about my new Wii. I think I will name it BO (Barack Obama). lolz!

michelle said...

u should have put the news on at 11! thats where i saw it. lol forget time magazine!