Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sooo back to the fourth again!!!

So when we got home from Michelles we found another party going on at home and we joined it and made it more fun!!!
The Russells hit the pool, poor Kymm, I know she might kill me for this pic but its a great pic! Kymms face says it all and how Billy caught Mollys' face I love it!

Nonna and Aunt Shell just hanging out outside! Hi Girls!!!

A little wii competition between My dad and Olivia!!

My mom!!!

and look at this pic of Jeff, for someone who always wants me to have a party on my porch - he looks like he is having a heck of a good time!!!


Jeff said...

Hey! I do have awesome times on the porch! I was relaxed. Soaking in the awesomeness of it all. lol

Israel Youth Adventure 2008 said...

now that's a party... that pool brings back old memories of your dad throwing me clear across the water. i love your blog dana. MISS YOU!!! can't wait to see you!