Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My order of events is backwards! I am taking you back to the 4th of July

I am all over the place lately! But I have wanted to post these pics for awhile now and finally they are here!!! 4th of July was a lot of fun! We went to a picnic at Michelles House - she is a great party planner - she rally does think of everything It was so nice to see everyone and even meet some new people!
This is a fun pic of Michelle, Me and Kristen - All I can say is sometimes I will shoot you a look of evil into the camera and sometimes I will give you this cheeseball smile, and honestly I am not sure I like either one, but cheeseball smile is what you get today!!!

I was in complete shock when I found out Molly and Marissa were the same age. I just couldn't get over the differences in them! I am so corny and sometimes I am the most "uncool" person that Molly thinks she knows! I introduced these two and told Molly I thought it was cool that Marissa was 8 too, and she goes "ok and..." and then the next thing I know they are playing together, so I can't be too corny!
At leat one little monkey is smiling!!

I love how serious Molly is, I mean 100% of the time she is making a serious face and if there is a camera around she is either refusing to smile or throwing you a fake one or making signs with her hands as you can see above! But I love that Jeff can make anyone really laugh even when they are trying their hardest not to :)

Billy sneaking candid pics of people not looking - His victims here are Katie and Shaun.

Michelle and Bridget, they were looking and smiling too!

It was like 100 degrees outside and the humidity was just gross, so gross it caused Miranda to take the following actions:

I love that girls facial expressions!!!

This is Nana and Abram -this is one of Billys favorite pics from the day! I think it has something to do with the fact that we all just love Nana so much!

After spending the afternoon at Michelles house we headed back to our house where the rents were cooking out with some of the family...I promise these pictures will go up tomorrow!!


Jeff said...

Yes Michelle's was fun. I wish we could've stayed longer and hung out! Maybe Dana should plan a fun summer bbq in her backyard. Hint hint! I'll help!

Daily dose of Dana said...

maybe you should wait til I am done posting to comment!

michelle said...

hahaha dana i am cracking up at u commenting back to jeff!

im glad u had fun. and even more glad everyone loves nana.

in that picture with bridget i look like i was caught in a fire and recovering from 3rd degree burns. lovely

Jeff said...

I love Nana! lol She is a door a bull! And I love the pictures of me and Molly! She's been my best friend lately and let me tell you, I love every second of it. And your cornball smile is hilarious. I love it. And your hair looks extra blonde in that picture too. Rock on! And I loved Molly's friend. She was so cute. Plus it got her off my lap for a while! My legs were starting to hurt!

Jeff said...

Wait I forgot how stinkin cute Miranda was when she was doing her "scene" from Annie! I was laughing so hard!!

Kristen said...

These shots are cute! I love the one of the three of us in the beginning!