Monday, July 21, 2008

Our little weekend vacation

This past weekend we decided to take a little mini vaca to Atlantic City, we have probably had the whole thing in the works for about a little less then a month. We tried to find somewhere aside from a casino to stay in A.C., but that was next to impossibke! So we took our booking to a liitle town about 5 mile outside A.C.
We booked our night at The Colonial Inn, Check it out if you'd like
It was the cutest little Village ever. I knew Billy would like it because he just appreciates places like this. It was kind of like Peddlers Village with all its unique shops but it had little rooms spread throughout the village where you could stay. We stayed in the barn and wait til you see the room. I am not big on Country decor for my own house but this place was adorable. It was like a B&B, but not totally. Each room had its own bathroom, like a regular hotel, but each room fealt like a real room in a cottage. It was really nice. I would recomend to anyone and I am sure we will go back!

This is a little train that ran around the whole village. We didn't really get too spend to much time in the village, We only stayed one night and it was so hot on Sunday we chose to go home because the humidity was just disgusting and I was so sunburnt from the beach on saturday that I was really going to be so uncomfortable.

This was our room - It had two skylight windows, and it was just huge! The beds were ridiculously comfy I wished I didn't have to ever get out of it but we had to check out at 11.

This was the actual barn our room was in - I think there were like 8 rooms in the whole barn. It was adorable and the smell was unbeleivable, I can't even explain it!

This is just us being silly! Me, Michelle and Todd, I will def. post more pics tomorrow!! We had a really great time together and I was very happy to spend the weekend with them! I love doing stuff like this!


Jeff said...

That looks like a ton of fun. I wanna go! The rooms look amazing! A whole lot better than a room in AC. With a view of the casino lobby instead of outside. Haha

michelle said...

we had so much fun, even though we talk alot apparently!!

(go figure, me? talking??)