Friday, July 18, 2008

Aiden is 4!

I can't believe Aiden is 4 already! He needed a big boy haircut so I gave him one and he actually loves it!!! He tells everyone "feel my nails" and he thinks his nails - aka spiked hair is so cool!!! I am just excited that he likes me now! When I used to come over to cut his hair he would scream in terror and run from me! He would say "help me mommy" and it would break my heart because terrorizing children with haircuts is not my thing at all! But now he is like "hey Aunt Dana" and he tellls me all about his geo trax and his cool new swing set and he sits by himself and he is just soooo good! I want to sing the "yay he likes me now song" - I just love him to pieces!

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Jeff said...

I'm cracking up with the picture of him opening is geo trax that you got him. He was so excited! No wonder he loves you! You give the best presents! Hahaha