Friday, July 18, 2008

Jeffs Party revisited!!!

Good times, Good times!!!

Here I am a little tipsy trying to pretend sparklers are fun!!!!

And Jeff obviously really likes sparklers !!! I think this is his "sparkler dance"!!!

The Birthday Boy and his peeps!!!

Look at this cute couple - we can't wait to party at their wedding!!!

I wish i could tell ya what he is doing here - i think his beer goggles were so clouded that he thought the pinata was looking hot!!

This is Jess!!! She is one of Jeffs friends but she is mine too!

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Jeff said...

I love these pics. I'm stealing them for myspace. I look so tan. lol And that picture of me making out with the pinata is b/c of Kymm! She told me to! And of course, I do whatever she tells me to. And I'm laughing at you b/c of the last picture. Let go!