Friday, June 26, 2009


So where do I start, I along with a million other people are surely saddened by the recent news of the passing of Michael Jackson. I just wanted to share with someone, that my first love is gone. I was six when the Thriller album was released and it was my first album ever. I loved it! I loved that the album cover was a trifold and when you opened it, to me anyway, me and Michael were the same size practically. It was my lifesize picture along with the first poster that was hanging in my room. My dad was having mild heart attacks because I was six and i HAD THE HUGEST CRUSH ever!

This was my poster but in mine I know that jacket was red?

I loved Michael so much that my mom had bought me a dress it was a one piece tank dress,black skirted bottom, white top that said"I <3 Michael", it came with a silver glove and silver socks, and I remember I wore it to a party at Celebration Station, and I thought I was the bomb!
My dad used to take me to the flea market in the Levittown Shopping Center after chuch on Sundays, and he would buy me Michael Jackson buttons, and I remember he bought me a red purse, and a purple purse and they both had a different pic of Michael Jackson on them. I spent alot of time putting the buttons on the straps of those purses.
I remember when Biily Jean was on the radio, I argued with my Aunt, because the chance is not my son, those were my words. But I argued it with her because my childish ears heard chance not kid.
I used to try my hardest to moonwalk. It worked good on the tile floor with socks on!
My nonna played her 8 track tape of "Off The Wall" for me in the car, she always wanted to put something else on because she didn't really approve of this music, but she humored me, but she wouldn't get a different one, maybe it was my Aunt Beths, and not really hers? Who knows, I just know I listened to it in her car, over and over and over again! (yes I said 8 track, if u don't know please don't ask, lets just leave it alone!)

I never understood why noone really liked the "The Whiz" I loved it!!!! C'mon now, Ease on down, Ease on down the road!
Somehow we even attempted to do the Thriller at my wedding, thanks to my cousin Jeff. I was older when he was into Michael Jackson. I remember he had the "Bad Tape" and thats when Michael Jackson was changing everything about himself that cute little round face was getting shaper and Michael Jackson had moved on from "Billy Jean" and was moving toward "Dirty Diana".
I must be feeling like people fealt when Elvis died.
All I know is last night when I saw Jermaine Jackson having a hard time fighting the tears and letting the world know his brother had passed, I lost it. I was crying so hard and thinking about all these memories, at al these different points in my life. This is what an Icon is, someone who shows up in all corners of your life, someone who's music plays a part in every phase, that is what makes him "The king of Pop". From LA to NYC, this country is mourning the loss of a major influence in the entertainment industry, and I think it is a loss that will be felt for years to come.
I think Michael Jackson should be remembered for who he was the musician, the humanitarian, the icon, that made all our hearts sing and dance more than just once. This is the Michael I will always remember in my heart...


Kristen said...

Dana, you're cute!

My mom and I were talking about MJ yesterday and we were laughing because when I was little, she took me to see a MJ impersonator in NE Philly! His music is the first music I loved as a kid. My mom used to play the record Off the Wall and I loved it... still do! That's my fave MJ music. I remember watching the HBO special of the making of the video Thriller over and over (we had it taped!) My brother is about Jeff's age and he was into Bad, but I have to agree with you, that's when "our" MJ changed and I didn't like him as much. But so true, his music is timeless and will live on!

Jeff said...

I told my mom that someone taped the entire Thriller video (which was about 15 minutes long) on BETA and it used to scare the ba-JESUS outta me! But I wouldn't stop watching it and I would watch it over and over again. And I begged my mom to get me the Bad tape from Clover and then I got Thriller after that. I was so obsessed that I got the Weird Al tape Even Worse right after that. lol. So it's ok to remember what you want to remember. If it creates good memories, then so be it.