Thursday, June 18, 2009

Little GaGa in Vegas, I didn't believe it til Perez told me, even though I was there!!!

While in Vegas we mad a little stop at The Hawiian Tropic Zone after the Drag show. upon our arrival everyone was telling me to look at "Little GaGa", but me and Jeff were on the hunt for the bathroom, I never saw and I never paid attention. Everyone was making fun of me because later I was in disbelief of everything they were saying, I thought they made her up! Well I was just catching up on, because I was on vaca I was a little behind, and look what I read.

I can only say I wish I paid attention, I wish I snapped a pic, I wish, I wish, I wish! I am so sorry for not paying attention guys and I am so sorry I didn't believe you!!!

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Jeff said...

Haha I looked over and saw her and was like, "Yeah ok great. Where's the bathroom?!"