Monday, July 6, 2009

hospital stays, sad days, and what a day on the 4th of July...

Well its been in and out of hospitals for us this last week. My mom had a fourth stent placed, and Billys step mom lost her battle with cancer with this weekend, and poor little Amelia had a little accident but she is going to be just fine, and poor little Molly bean was bit by her dog, 3 little stitches in her little tiny nose. But her and Buddy are friends again.
All and all our fourth of July weekend was celebrated mildly and quietly. I went to Aunt Mary's for a little bit and thought I would share some pics.
This is MacKenzie, and I love the little faces she makes!!

It was her first 4th of July and she was deff a little firecracker!!!

I mean seriously...look at this girl!!!! love it!!!!
I couldn't keep this one to myself!!!

This is Juno, she is the brand new addition to the Meyer family!!!! I would steal this girl too!!!

And I know my Aunts are going to kill me, but oh well!!!! This is Bailey and Aiden in the pool!!! Having a blast too!!!

 we always need a little Bailey fix, we get this biggest charge out of this kid!!!!

So that was the extent of our pics because when I went home I accidentally left the camera behind! Ha!
So I would love to share some Christening Pics with you, but I am waiting for someone else to, so then I can release mine! I will just share one little thing!
Of all the little girls I know this is the wildest one, her personality and her wild imagination just wow me! and I could hang out her forever!!!

So til tomorrow, and maybe I can leak some Christening pics!!!!

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Jeff said...

I love Mackenzie's little sad face. We made too much of a fuss over her and she got scared. lol