Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas...but I like to share!

Stiletto Nails are all over the West Coast! This is a rep from one of the distributors we use, look out because these will be on my fingers my next refill! I promise!!!!

Tinsel Hair, we bought it and brought it home, this is one of this companies reps doing a demo and then she is putting pink tinsel in my hair. She was one of the nicest people ever and Steve totally mastered her technique so we are on!!! If you want tinsel hair just call me, i can do it too!!!!!! Double click on the pic to make them bigger - I know you can see my Tinsel Hair!!!

Ya know I love me some big hair!!!!! I can't resist showing you how amazing and how far a little tease and some hairspray will take you!!!!!

Ok this is just a preview there is sooo much more to come, I have come home already, I am a bit sick, but I am alive!!!! So stay tuned I will post more this evening!!!!



DANA - U R NOT DOING YOUR NAILS LIKE THAT!!!!!!!! EWWW..THAT IS SOO UGLY! Call me old school but I'm not likeing it but I do like the tinsel! Cute!

HB said...

Dana, does the tinsel come in pruple??