Monday, May 18, 2009

I went to the prom! ...Well Kind of...(picture overload and censored)

Prom Season, it goes by fast, and it is my absolute favorite at work!!! I could do up-do's til my fingers bleed. I sooo am in love with it!
This year I just fealt like I dove in and never came up for air, and Its over now, and its sad. But I had a little fun with it this year, we took pics of every girl we did for Karma's facebook, and then me and Kymm went to watch the Pennsbury Parade.
I think sometimes I love it so much because I had no idea what it was all about when it was my Prom. I skipped out on my Jr. Prom because my bf (so called boyfriend) was an ass, and I let him convince me it was a waist of time, and so you can only guess that the same bf took me to Senior Prom, and it wasn't all it was cracked out to be at all, I think I missed out on the whole big picture.
So I graduated from Pennsbury in 94, somewhere along the way people were competing to see who could arrive at the prom in the most creative way. I must tell you I went in a regular car with my friends, no big thing at all. But somehow it escalated to a parade of floats that carries the senior prom goers up to the red carpet and drops them off at the school that has transformed into a world of something else. I know in 94 our theme was "Lands of Enchantment" and I know the school was transformed into those lands, but I have no real recollection of the actual scenery. This year the theme was story book. Soo all the floats were story book themed, and the school was transformed into the pages of storybooks. I only got a quick peek into the school and no pics but I did get lots of Float pics with the prom attendees!!! Pay attention to the hair, I did a lot of it!

(This pick above and the one below are my photographer moments of the day! )

This is Julie, I know its hard to see her but she was my #1 of the day. She booked her apt months ago and I had so much time to plot and plan her hair and makeup were awesome!!!!!! I am tooting my own horn but I do not care she looked amazing!

This is Casey below, she looked so amazing I didn't eve recognize her on the float, It had only been a day since I had seen her and she looked like a princess, loved the yellow!!!!

This is the book that mentions PHS as being the best prom to attend in America, who knew right? Apparently these kids know!

I know Kymm did this girls hi-lites, we didn't do her prom hair, but I love this pic...

Not sure what this was but this girl flipped the finger and i snapped the pic, so classy..

below must be the "in crowd" for sure the popular kids, I cold tell they were all stunning, but they lacked all the personality and the girls were on their phones and they never smiled at all...and the two above they were def. sporting their PHS colors and with so much enthusiasm, I think they were forced off the "in crowds" float but its just drama, they will be friends again later...

Ok, there is a sticker on this tank that says "My kids love Penn Rynn" which is a local elementary school, so why does someone around here own this tank?? and why did these prom kids want to parade around on it, Evening gowns and machine guns? Not sure about that?

I love this girls dress, she had feathers in her hair and it was just georgeous!

Love this girl above!!!!!!!!! hahaha, very creative!!!

Above I did the girl in purple Kymm did the girl in blue, My girl was hollering to me,"HEY DO U LIKE MY HAIR?" I was cracking up, It was cute!!!

..and this pic was just taken on accident but it cracked me up, whatever? Whoever she is , she should have rethought the moment...

Ok this pic below is not a story book but I guess some people are still going for the traditional most unusual way to arrive, and I loves this its a piano guy and his dog, It was called , they claim to "bring the beat to the street"! Love it!

Above was "Dora the explorer" I love this girls red dip dyed dress!

Kymm, did this girls hair below, she came in on a root beer float, not because its a book because all the books were taken and they thought it wuld be funny, it was cute!!!

This was 2 hours into the parade and it wasn't even half over but it was getting dark...I will update all the prom girl transformations as soon as prom season really is over , still got two more weekends of random prom girls, but nothing like the last 4 weeks have been!!!!


michelle said...

so fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jeff said...

I love the trashy middle finger pic. That's Levittown for ya. And I love how you can spot the drama. You must be an expert at it. You were never like that in high school, right?!!? lol

HB said...

Hooray, Dana! Thank you for posting these pics!! I always want to go watch the prom parade but then I forget and miss it. This was the next best thing and I loved your commentary!

Kristen said...

awesome pics! the prom wasn't that cool and glamourous when we went! some of those dresses! holy boobs! they were really colorful, though! love all the hair!