Wednesday, January 28, 2009

why doesn't it ever last

when I was a kid snow meant free day, no school, sledding.
when I was a kid the snow would fall endlessly all day, and the plows wouldn't come for hours, and it was awesome.
when i was a kid we always had snow boots, freaky freezie gloves, and snow suits, because we got to wear them often.
when i was a kid snow meant everything was closed, no one was on the road and everyone was outside playing or shoveling...
Now that I am all grown up, Life doesn't stop sooo much for snow.
I drive in the snow, I work in the snow, I never play in the snow, and I don't own snow boots at all.
The snow doesn't fall as long a s it used to, and it doesn't even stick around long.
I miss snow days!


Lena's Life said...

Freezie Freakies! I had the white pair with the blue on it! I loved them! I liked this blog because you are 100% correct...we go on as usual when it snows. I was watching the weather and dave was like why does it matter how much it snows? You still have to go to work! He is so right, now its no fun when it snows...

Jeff said...

Yeah nothing closes for snow. The plows and everyone was out when I was going to work at 5:30am. And everything gets covered in so much salt! I hate it! We don't need all this salt everywhere! My car looks white when it's supposed to be black!

HB said...

I remember freaky freezie gloves!! They were awesome!