Sunday, February 1, 2009

Wikki-wikki-wikki-wikki shut up

So saturday night I took Molly and her friend Michael roller skating at the palace. So strange and why hadn't i done this before with her?

I was asking Tina, a few weeks ago, if her son Henry liked roller skating, he is the same age as Molly, and she said yes he did! Well after a long in depth conversation because I wasn't even sure if she would like it we were going to a skating party hosted by Henry's school, and it was very exciting, as soon as Michael found out we were going, he was on board!
I was glad too because some times Molly changes her mind in .02 seconds flat and I would have had skates on too, just to ease her into it, and I was afraid that was going to be my fate on Saturday. I was wrong, she put those skates on and she rocked and she rolled, and off she went without a problem at all.
Every time a kid fell, I fealt so scared immediately, i was like nooooo!!! You should have seen their wobbly little legs and their flailing bodies as they tried so hard to keep themselves from falling. I also loved the dads that went rounds holding their little girls hands, it was so adorable!
Thank goodness if Molly, Michael, or Henry fell I didn't see it happen, I may have cried!!! Suprisingly they all skated just great!! Like little pro's and I don't think they fell at all. Tina said I made Molly sound as if she would be shaking holding onto the wall in our original converasation, and I have to be honest I probably did. She had never been skating except for once, and I bought her skates last year and once before when she was 5 and I never saw her use them ever, so I wasn't sure. But the child has no fear, and I love it!

(I love this pic above she knew my camera didn't take the pic and she leaned back to still pose from behind some guy)

Allthough when her and Michael informed me they were tripping each other or trying to I did have to remind them how dangerous that was, but see they have no fear...
Anyway I do just have one question, isn't the roller skating enough? why does there have to be an arcade??? seriously Molly and Michael would have stayed in the arcade the whole time, and serioulsy that gets on my nerves... I think parents of America should boycott arcades. I think gamblers were born in arcades! Anyway they each got ten dollars and her tickets added up to items that would cost me a quarter each if I had purchased them somewhere else. Well whatever thy got dracula teeth and a fun dip and a sour melon dumb.

Anyway Jeff stopped by with the intentions of skating and i guess he realized too he didn't have to, so that was good too. So we just got to chill out together and talk and take pics and reminisce.

All of a sudden the memories started plowing into my brain, the skate rental, the smell from the good old Roller Rama, the Dice Game, Skating backwards and feeling so cool because I did it and because I never flipped the wall and broke an arm like so many people I knew! The old people who did couples pro skating in the middle while us kids just made our way around the rink, around them! They skated so perfectly, and I always thought I couldn't wait til they announce "couples skate" so I could try! LOL!! A girl could dream right!!!
Anyway even though the music was playing in my head I heard "2 of hearts" by Stacey Q and just these word to my all time favorite skate song, I was so hoping they would play, but they didn't! Maybe when they tore down Roller Rama this song died too, who knows, I have it on my i-pod!

Superman had come to town to see who he could rock
He blew away every crew he faced until he reached the block
His speakers were three stories high with woofers made of steel
And when we boys sit outside, he said "I boom for real"
He said, "I'm faster than a speedin' bullet when I'm on the set
I don't need no fans to cool my a**, I just use my super breath
I could fly three times around the world without missin' a beat
I socialize with X-ray eyes, and ladies think it's sweet
And then he turned his power on and the ground began to move
And all the buildings for miles around were swayin' to the groove
And just when he had fooled the crowd and swore he wouldn't fight
We rocked this bet with a 12 inch cut called Disco Kryptonite
Well, Superman looked up at me, he said, "You rock so naturally"
I said now that you've learned to deal, let me tell you why I'm so for real
I'm Cozmo D from outer space, I came to rock the human race
I do it right 'cause I can't do it wrong
That's why the whole world is singin' this song
Jam on it Jam on it
I said jam-j-j-jam on it

So it all just makes me wonder what songs will remind her of times in her life, at this point it will be I know it will be Flo-Rida or Little Wayne, saddest part about that is at 32 years old I have both those CD's and we love listening to them, I know thats awful, so either I havn't grown up or she is way too grown up?


Lena's Life said...

I want to go roller skating with you!

Jeff said...

Yeah I had full intentions of roller skating and thinking that she would want someone with her. But she didn't really seem to care that I wasn't skating. lol But it was still fun and we should do it again. And I say everybody straps on those wheels!

Fightin' Mad Mary said...

Hey Dana, My mom lives in Hunterdon County, NJ maybe we could meet for lunch in New Hope, PA? Is that far from you? -Mary