Friday, January 9, 2009

Trendsetter? Please don't quit your day job!

I just have to continue sharing with you these pics that keep popping up on facebook! I am just cracking up picture after picture!!! IT GETS WORSE AND WORSE THOUGH!!!

this is Shannon, Christine, Kathy, Farrah, myself , and Jackie.
I do have to say I did love my ponytails back then, I had a ton of hair and I loved making it so big, anymore I love it making it as cutting edge as possible, however I enjoy making your hair even better! you can get a glimpse here of my most favorite lipstick, It was wet n' wild and it was soooooo purple!!!!!!!

This was me and my friend Colleen at her house, seriously could I get anymore clothes on my body? I am seriously rocking a mens button down, lace bottom leggings accompanied by a pair of mens New York Mets boxer shorts and I def. have a pair of black patent dress shoes, accessorized by a square box purse, and a headband. Please note the head band in this picture also served as the ponytail holder in the first pic. I had a scrunchi fetish and I think it was because i needed five of them to hold all my hair and I loved the headband because it was like double duty, and better then a scrunchi!
Yup all that for one day! And we were probably going to the mall!
I never thought my parents had anthing to cringe over I always thought I was pretty simple, I take that back, I am truly the furthest thing from simple, and I don't think I can ever refer to myself as simple, I have alwas been HIGH MAINTENANCE, and there is no denying it!

this was AnnMarie, Lisa Mandi, and Me
I pretty much feel like I have always been "in the know" shall we say, and SOMETIMES NOW i feel when it comes to those who are like 15-20, I have lost touch, They think I am clueless. Well in 1992 when someone took this picture I think they wanted me to see I wasn't always so "in the know" even though I thought I was. I mean com on, why didn't someone sit me down and say ,"HEY, YOU NEED YOUR EYEBROWS WAXED!" I had no idea??? I look like a puppet, like Ber and Ernie, with caterpillars above my eyes!!! Seriously, why didn't i know? But at least I have a grip now!!!!!
I love this walk down Memory Lane, thanks to old friends and Facebook, for reminding me of the wild child that lives inside me, I know she is still there, and now I know why I am who I am!


Kristen said...

seriously!!! i am soooo glad that pics like this of me aren't popping up! i shouldn't speak so soon! i am cracking up at all these pics of you!

Jeff said...

Hey who's the square in the first picture off on the right reading? What a narc, dood. And that chick in that group with you is smiling way too hard. She's too happy for my liking, and by the look on your face, yours too. Haha

Ok now to comment on you. Me and Nikki were cracking up. Everyone is carrying books and stuff. Not you! You've got all you need for school right there in your purse. Perfect accessory for that "I hate this school" look on your face.

And mens boxer shorts on the outside? What were you thinking? But I have to say, your outfit choice was way better than a white Bongo sweatshirt and acid washed jeans with elastic on the ankles.

Lena's Life said...

I can't stop laughing, not at you cause beleive me I looked the same darn way! My hair was so high I swear that is why my bangs to this day are all fuzzy! it was all that AquaNet in the Pink can! in both those pics your holding your hand the same way...? But seriously...isn't it funny to look back!

Jeff said...

I forgot to tell you, Nikki said that we look alike in that picture where you're wearing the boxer shorts. She said your face looks like mine. I guess I make a face like that? I dunno. It made me smile. We're related! lol

Jeff said...

I just Mad Mary's blog and she worked on that show Tool Academy on VH1. I am taping that on my dvr tonight. lol I hate those lame reality shows, but this one makes fun of douchebags. So I might be hooked. lol