Tuesday, October 28, 2008

6TH , 6TH

So Stacy Posted a blog about going to the 6th folder in your pictures and posting the 6th picture!!! I thought that it was a pretty interesting fun thing to do!! So Stacy Just reminded me that she was still waiting for my 6th,6th!!!
So this is my 6th, 6th! (Katie, Me, Adina and Melissa poking in the bottom)

This was a fun night and sad night all in one!!! Well the girls that I had hung out with at the LBA - when I was in Beauty School wanted to take me out for a bachelorette party, well we went to hibatchi and then to "DaBar" for old times sake! "DaBar" was the only place to get something to eat when we were in school!! So everynight we would all pile up in the bar with our LBA smocks on and get some food and then run out back to school!!!
They say you make your best friends in college, and since this was our college, we sord of formed some friendships that really will never end, we are bonded by something and we are all so different, it makes us way more fun! Seriosuly we ranged in age from 20 to 40, It was always Me, Tavia, Joanna, Melissa, Adina, Denise, and Meg.

(This pic is actually my 6TH, 5TH, But I just fealt like My blog needed some more pics, Melissa, Denise, Me and Adina)
I remember my first day of school, and I remember thinking that at 26 I was going to be the oldest person in there, and then I fealt such relief when these 20 year old girls accepted me and then I fealt even better the day Adina and Meg walked in the door! Soon came Denise and we knew each other from way back in the day - Pennsbury High School! So this was perfect, some of us were having babies, some of us already married with children, some of us with a new wild life just turning 21, and some of us just trying to figure out who we were, and we were doing all this together!!!
Oh ya, so I have digressed!!! Fun and sad night!!! Fun night because I was with all the girls, and crazy because we all had different things going on the next day and Melissa was def. just looking to drink anything and everything her new little 21 year old but could get her hands on, and it didn'tt matter if it came from the motor head who's beard was longer then her hair and who was noticably about 20 years older then her father!
Anyway it was a sad night because it opened the door to my wonderful life and how its affected by alcholholics. This has nothing to do with the girls or the bar, but more to do with the real people in my life who suffer from alchoholism, and how they have been affecting my life for way too long, and not really caring about the impact it has on me or anyone else around them....These pics crack me up, because I was hiding sooo much and I kept having to leave my own party to take random ridiculous phone calls from people who could have given a shit about what I was doing and what was going on in my life, and since this day as much as you think you have changed - you havn't, Your still selfish and you still try to camoflauge all your mistakes and paint a pretty picture when in reality everything you do is disgusting and gross and I have since cut you off because I know I do not hold the power to help you, and you just want to place blame anyway. Rather then take a look inside and recognize your grossness and mentally abusive manners you just keep living, thinking your above and beyond everything. Even though I love you, I can't love you like this and I won't enable you anymore. Well have a nice life because I can't make excuses for you anymore, nor will I take the blame that I have placed on myself for you any longer!
When I look at these pics I should be thinking of a happy time instead I see how a world, and so many lives were turned upside down that day, and how clouded I was my whole life when it came to you. And I will always know and see how on that day you did all this to yourself, because I was obviously busy doing something else, I have the pics to prove it, so really it had nothing to do with me!
So actually, WOW - my 6th, 6th came at a perfect time and was great thereapy!!!
Check out your 6th, 6th!!! Ya never know what it might make you think about!

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Lena's Life said...

Wow...very deep. I bet you feel better now that you let that out, and Im proud of you that you did talk about it. Other people's problems are not your problem. So, stay strong! Im here for ya cilly!