Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The girl with crazy hair who married a Ninja, are still enjoying Happily Ever After...

I am a little behind in my posts! Sorry the Hair biz is actually hopping right now and everyone we know is getting married! Not to mention the two weeks of confinement thanks to strep and the then the weeks of worrying about my mom with shingles. So we have been busy busy busy with everything from fun to illness to work and back again!
Anyway Columbus Day was our 1 year anniversary! I was busy doing hair all day, Billy had work. So when I got home we got ready to go out - neither one of us had a plan, but don't be shocked we never do, this is just how we go about things!
So before we were ready to leave to go to the place we had not yet decided on, Anyway my dad pops in with a bottle of Champagne and a cake for us! Then my brain was triggered and I was like ohhhh we have to take our wedding cake out of the freezer and eat it! What a wonderful thought, year old cake!
Anyway we went dinner at Dawsons and it was very nice, Billy loves Dawsons, so that was perfect!

This is Billy popping the cork on the Champagne, and that was fun I was trying to take a picture but the cork decided to hit the ceiling and hide under the table across the room, and that was that, no pic!!! I couldn't have possibly followed it if I wanted to!

These are the Swarovski Crystal glasses that my mom got for us at my wedding shower!! LOVE THEM! Not so sure Billy even realizes what they are, but thats fine I know what they are! So I decided we were toasting with these! To Us, 1 year!!
This is my not so sure about drinking this because we absolutely loved the champagne at our wedding and we never really drank a champagne that we liked since then, so here it goes...

We loved the sentiment but we are still not so sure about Champagne! Its fun and we look forward to the liTtle bubbly surprise, and then the sourness wacks you and your left wondering if you liked it or not!!!! So we think we liked it, not sure though! AHH who really cares we kept sipping at it as we decided to test out the 1 year old cake.

So here is the one year old cake - looks just fine, I mean its been frozen since October 13, 2007, so how bad could it be! Just so you know those are not a bunch of finger prints in the middle, thats where the flowers were, and maybe I froze the cake with the flowers still on it, but no one needs to know that! LOL!

Well the icing tasted like pure cane, seriously like I thought my teeth might fall right out of my head, the cake was dry but hey it is a year old...I so wonder who came up this tradition stuff?

Like my ring? So sad that I broke it this past weekend at Kymm and Kevs wedding!! I will post those pics later!
Anyway out gifts for our first year was suppossed to be paper - so really how am I suppossed to convice Billy that a paper gift is cool, and How I so did try to convince him to buy me Betsey Johnson shoes that were $250.00 and I so tried to tell him, that they came in a cardboard box, and that was made from paper so it would count! HAHAHA Nice try but no we decided to lay low on the spending especially since we have a road trip to Florida approaching fast, and we ordered our wedding album!! Its 100% papar!!!! Do I hear a round of applause because it was suppossed to be ordered 6 months ago!!!! Thank Goodness!!!!

Well that was that Happy Anniversary to us! Maybe I will just add this to the end so we can reminisce!
Yes, the girl with the crazy hair who married a Ninja, are still enjoying Happily ever after!!!!


Jeff said...

I love it! You guys are my favorite. Don't tell Kymm and Kevin. They're my favorite too. lol

Lena's Life said...

OMG I was laughing when i read about your cake. I had to force Dave to just take a crumb cause it was so dry, crusty and PURE sugar chunks...GROSS! When you find out who started that tradition, let me know so I can have a talk with them! LOL! LOL!


Happy belated Anniversary! I can't believe it's been a year already - what a crazy one!!!!!!!! This is a really good blog too!

michelle said...

i HATED our cake 1 yr later.. then again u know how i dont like cake anyway! i forgot about your anniversary.. im a bad friend. so happy anniversary!!

and dawsons? where is that? wait.. do u mean J.B dawsons? i have been sitting here thinking.. what the heck is dawsons?

and you ordered your album?????? i'm so proud of you~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Beth said...

Yeah! Happy Anniversary! Love ya!

Kristen said...

So glad you finally ordered your album!!! And I had to crack up laughing cause I saw the roses with the cake and thought, oh my god, she froze the roses too! Too funny! Glad you guys had a nice anniversary!

Sugee Andersyn said...

Found you through Fightin' Mad Mary. Your hair looks so cool on your wedding! I'm getting married soon. I love your blog and your bride and groom wine glasses! :)

Memories of us said...

Dana.. Love this post but I'm still waiting for 6th folder 6th picture!!! :)

Happy Anniversary!!