Sunday, September 28, 2008

Look who had a baby!!!

Billy stopped over Steve's house last week and had the pleasure of meeting his new baby Cole, love the name, and I was so jealous because he is sooo cute and I just wish I got to see all that hair in person! Seriously I never saw sooo much hair on a baby, but look how freaking cute he is!!! Cole is about 5 weeks old, and I can't wait to meet him myself!


Lena's Life said...

Look at that hair! And its all spiky! I love it...I myself have never seen a baby with all that hair...Congrats to him and his new family. Ill let Dave know..when was Cole born?

Memories of us said...

geez.. that is a ton of hair.. think he would be willing to share some with Jillian?? He He He!!


OMG - the baby looks like he is like 4 yrs old with all of that hair!! WOW - I never saw that much hair on a little baby..he's cute!!