Monday, September 1, 2008

Hunters Christening

Look who was christened this passed Sunday. It was a beautiful day too and a wonderful celebration!!! I have to confess the day was quite beautiful for a wonderful drive too!!! (lol) I picked up my mom and my nonna and we were an hour late to the after party because we got lost! After all that talk about my wonderful sense of direction and google maps decided to totally steer me wrong - even worse then mapquest ever did! Caleigh, we do apologize!!! and we will just blame google maps for this one Moorestown, Cinnaminson, who knew they really were so close?? LOL!

above pic is Uncle Bob, Hunter, Caleigh, Chris and Aunt Michelle
Below is Olivia(Godmother) and Caleigh, Hunter Chris and I know that is Hunters Godfather, but I don't know his name!(Sorry Caleigh, lol)

All in all things did turn out well and we actually did make it before the celebration was over. I didn't have a camera so I had to steal these from Aunt Michelle, Thanks Aunt Shell for sending them to me!
Anyway from there we had the most fun following Aunt Shell from Cinnaminson across the Talcony Palmyra, where apparently they don't ever know what lanes are opened or closed - It was the craziest toll bridge trip ever. I swear they were playing musical toll booths and my nonna, who can't hear very well was suddenly directing me on which toll booth to go to, and I don't think she realized that as they were opening they were instantly closing and the signs were eratically changing and traffic was backing up and it was suddenly a traffic jam. We finally pulled up next to Aunt Shell's car and my mom said it best, but we will just keep that as an inside joke, it was great though, Someone had to let it out!!!!
Anyway back at Nonna's, and time had just slipped by us before we knew it, it was 7pm and we had just spent a little over 4 hours just being girls, and seriously it was super fun. I can't think of the last time we just relaxed with each other and enjoyed each others company, I think I will never forget this day and I half think we would still be there if it wasn't for the hunger pains!!! So of course we had to end the night by going to dinner, and that was fun too!


Jeff said...

I wanna know what your mom said!!! Haha

Daily dose of Dana said...

ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!! i bet you do!!!

Michelle Katulka said...

Yep, as Dana and her clan were edging up to my car and passing me by in the craziness at the toll booth, I looked out my side window, and there she was, my petite, feminine sister, with her mouth wide open, bug eyes and all, saying, "What the -u--?" I laughed because I thought she only mouthed it to me; you know, a sister-to-sister thing. Then I found out, nope, her profound statement was audible to all in her car. Thank goodness Nonna doesn't hear very well; she was spared the moment of outrageous truck-driver talk. I'll bet if anyone witnessed Aunt Dee-Dee's scurrilous outburst, they never would have imagined we had just come from a Baptism!! It truly was a memorable day.

Daily dose of Dana said...

Oh Aunt Shell I am cracking up here!!!! Ya know when I was little I would listen to you guys tell stories from when you were young and now I get to be in the stories I love it!!!!!

Lena's Life said...

How funny! I can't picture your Mom saying that! Im laughing over here at work !! ! !