Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Billy :)

Last Sunday we were celebrating my husbands 34th birthday, I know - its been a long week!!!
Anyway we decided to have a home cooked meal, yes you heard the undomesticated queen, I actually did cook for my husband!!! At 5:00 he said he would like a pot roast, and I said and your second choice would be?? LOL, I have never cooked a pot roast, just a pork roast once for him, and I didn't actually cook it, the crock pot did, so if I had to cook in a crock pot he wouldn't be eating til midnight!
So Pepperoni chicken it was!!!!

This was Billy's Birthday Cake, Its his #1 favorite!!!
It is vanilla cake with peanut butter butter cream iced filling, with peanut butter chocloate icing topped with peanuts and reese cups, got all that!!! Well it looked pretty nice too!!! Billys brother Shaun came over and my cousin Jeff who heard Peanut Butter Chocolate cake was in the area came over too!!! Peanut Butter is an irrisistable thing in this family!!!

We had a lot of fun and I have to say Billy and I had the next day off from work, we had big plans to do something, but we stayed up so late partying hard with cake and milk, (ya no milk 4 me, gross!)that we stayed home and cleaned and then did some local shopping the next day - nothing as mayja as we wanted!! Anyway I guess thats what being in your 30's is all about, truly learning to relax after your 20's!


EL said...

Dana - I'm so happy to know you cooked a meal up!! Good for you girl:) I found your blog via Michelles Blog... talk to u soon:) Elizabeth

Jeff said...

Oh man. I can still taste that cake now. We should just get one for the heck of it. Just to have cake. Mmmmmmmmmm

Kristen said...

Happy birthday Bill!!! That cake looks like heaven! And I'm sure your dinner was fab! Way to go Wifey!