Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Finally!!!! We are a Nike Shox Family!

I WIN!!!!!!
I am so happy after 13 years of the same old ADIDAS sneakers, my husband finally caved and let me talk him into a pair of Nike sneakers, not just any Nike sneakers, but a pair of freaking shox!!!! Billy knows I have an obsession with shoes, esp sneakers and flip flops!!! I used to have a different pair of sneakers for every day of the freaking week in high school!! Oh yea and when I was in private school cheering, I was part of a rotating captain team, well our skirts were blue with red and yellow plaid - sounds gross but they weren't all that bad!! I wore blue Nike's for regular games and red ones when I was a captain! Anything to set me apart from all the regulars! Anyway now that we have walked down memory lane for a split second, I am completely obsessed with my 5 pair of Nike shox that all posess the color pink!
Somewhere on the shoe is something pink!! Billy bought me a pair for Christmas last year and so we posed our newest sneakers together so you could all see We are finally a NIKE Shox Family!!!!!!!!!


Jeff said...

Oh my gosh! I can't believe he caved in! I'll still be wearing Adidas forever!

Lena's Life said...

Im glad that you now a family. I was worried...hehehehe!

Beth said...

I am totally laughing at/with you right now!