Saturday, August 9, 2008

Like I said below - No Grown Ups Allowed...

Ok so all of a sudden all the grown ups are in the front of the yard and seperated from all the children at Lil Mario's birthday party last Sunday, Suddenly you hear the children screaming and carryng on laughing. Then Ashley comes running for her Mom, Hurry up Bring the camera...
So we all take off to see whats going on and look what we find..

Thats Liz burried under a pile of kids in this jumpy thing that kids like, obviously Liz likes it too, well at least she thought she did!
Look at Ashley's face I am thinking she is fearing for Liz's life...(or maybe she thinks Liz is crazy! LOL)

Look at her!!! I am cracking up, because there is no way in the world I would have thought to join them in there, I have no idea what she was thinking! But it was good for a laugh!

Look now she finally got out from under the pile of kids, and she is warning them to stay where they are and not come near her so she can make her escape!

And her escape was not that easy as she falls to the ground upon exiting the jumpy thing! It was so nice of her friends to help her as I just sat there and took pictures! Love Ya Liz!

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