Saturday, August 9, 2008

Lil Mario's Birthday Party

I guess since he is 9 now we should stop calling him "little Mario", but I don't think we can just kick the habit just like that - so it may take a little while or it just may stick forever...But he isn't so little anymore!!
This is Jenn and Neil being silly, they look like they are having a great time!!

Look at Marios Crazy face!! love it, and I love how innocent and sweet Liz looks, like she has no idea, and she thinks he is making a sweet face too!

Liz and Cherie

Michelle with her neice and Nephew, I love this picture!

Me and Liz

Look how Liz makes her son get his picture taken! He said next year no one under ten is allowed to come to his party...Maybe he should rethink it and say no grown ups are allowed! Its stuff like this that make me realize my mom and dad were normal, even though I thought they were corny. They really were just having fun, and I was just being difficult thinking they weren't cool! See my friends and I are loosing our coolness now!

Me and ASHLEY - she is Jim and Cheries daughter and seriousky she is 9 too and I just can't believe how big she is, so tall!!! But she is a cutie and I love her haircut!

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