Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Fightin Mad Mary Tagged me!

Ok here is the story I love to flip through the blogs on this blogger website!! I am so nosey and I love looking at peoples pictures - I just think I love real life stuff~ Well one time I was googling some hair products and I found this blog http://whereisgoodservice.blogspot.com/ and so I met Fightin Mad Mary through her blog, not for real just in blog life, and I have to say I love her! I love her life, I love her stories and all the stuff she shares with the whole world!! I am so envious of the jersey girl who became a teacher and kissed it goodbye to work in reality tv! I feel like it will be possible for me to one day kiss the 9-5 life goodbye and become a hairdresser for some company like Redken in New York on 5th Avenue- oh to dream big!! Ha Ha well maybe just be a hairdresser for more then just the part time gig thing! I really just feel like ya never know what life has in store for you one day you could be studying journalism and then boom your putting in hair extensions - That was me! Up and down and all around and never really sure whats up next but willing to take the challenge! So needless to say when my West Coast blog friend tagged me I was more then happy to accept the tag and blog!

And this is the quiz that goes along with the award:

A. attached or single? Attched and loving it! Married life is much more then I expected and I honestly can say I love it!

B. best friend? Billy is my best bud, thats what we are - there is no one else in the world who could be what he is! Friends are different, My best friends know who they are because they have been with me since the early years and I love that! Michelle since day one, Gess since we were pre-teens and Katie who is like the sister I never really had.

C. cake or pie? I am such a cake girl , but its not even the cake - its really the icing and seriously pie just doesn't have icing

D. day of choice? Saturday - its me day - no work, no hair~

E. essential item? my purse!!!!!! it is the essential item that holds all the esential items!

F. favorite color? pink - I love glittery pink too!

G. gummy bears or worms? worms are just gross, I wiouldn't touch one evr and I don't think I have had a gummy bear since like 4th grade!

H. hometown? Levittown, PA

I. favorite indulgence? well here is the thing if it summer its fudge brownie water ice from rita's and seriously in the winter I love white powdered donuts - I know I am strange

J. January or July? July

K. kids? no way, not sure its in our plan...

L. life isn't complete without? Billy

M. marriage date? October 13, 2007

N. number of brothers & sisters? Just me!

O. oranges or apples? Apples

P. phobias? Rubber bands and balloons

Q. quotes? It's very expensive to be me - Anna Nicole Smith - (I really can make life expensive, I have an awful habbit that involves clothing, shoes and make-up, I tell Billy all the time - there are just some things at the mac counter and in Macy's that I honestly can't live without, He agrees! lol!)

R. reasons to smile? I am just smiley all the time - sometimes I even smile when I am not happy, again I am strange and you are cute!

S. season of choice? Fall

T. tag seven peeps! oh this is at the way bottom - I know the anticipation is killing you!

U. unknown fact about me? I love gossip! Oh thats not an unknown thing is it...truth is I love to talk and I will prob talk about anything with anyone! Unless I am concentrating on your hair then you do the talking and I will giggle and tell you how cute you are 50 times b/c I am deeply involved in my work!! - (I guess thats not really unknown is it Michelle, lol)

V. vegetable? overly steamed broccoli

W. worst habits? smoking

X. x-ray or ultrasound? never really had either but ultra sounds look wierd all that jelly stuff looks gross

Y. your favorite food? mexican

Z. zodiac sign? Sagitarius
And now I'm to tag seven people with this award and quiz:
Michelle, Gessika, Jeff, Jenn, Kristen, Tina, and Beth


Jeff said...

That fudge brownie water ice is sounding really good right now.

michelle said...

im gonna puke at the fudge brownie water ice!!!!!

but ... "you're cute"..

Fightin' Mad Mary said...

Yeah! Thanks for playing! and thanks for saying such nice things about me. I'm sure that Sheer Genius is going to have a third season - why don't you apply? I can help coach you when it comes time to audition. It could help get you a step closer to your Redken dream.

Michelle Katulka said...

Dana, I hope all your wishes come true, honey, the Redken thing, the whole glamorous life. Then we could have a Mr. Texas and a Ms. New York in the family. Keep dreaming big!

Daily dose of Dana said...

Maybe I should look into getting on Shear Genius - oh what a wonderful experience that would be!

Kristen said...

You don't want to get on Shear Genius... those gay bitches are MEAN!

Jeff said...

If Dana goes on Sheer Genius, I call going with her!!!!

Memories of us said...

I loved fightin mad mary's blog. I will look at it every day now. I also just noticed that you added me to you links list. I would add you to mine except for I'm not smart enough to figure how to do it! LOL Shear genius... look out!!

Memories of us said...

Dana, I did not read that far back in Mary's blog, but when I have more time I will! Dont; you wonder sometimes how Billy puts up with you?? I just say that becasue you seem like you are more like me ( r raging maniac when I'm mad) and Billy is alot like Ed. I always wonder if Ed secretly feels like wringing my neck sometimes !! LOL