Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Kymms Bridal shower!!!

So the countdown to Kymm and Kevins wedding has begun. This such an exciting time in their lives, I mean just look at the bride to be! Constantly reminds me of myself just less then one year ago! This Kymm being surprised, I really don't think she had a clue until she arrived at Westaby Hall and then I think she began to suspect something of her moms behavior. The hint was instead of "OMG" it was "WOW, You are a really bad actress"!

Kym was cracking me up with her new Giraffe oven Mitt, look how excited Kevin is!!

So Madison must love mac's just as much as her godmother Kymm! lol!

So at the shower we played all kinds of games, and one game was to write down your memory of Kymm or Kevin and they would have to guess who wrote it. Well I am not big into games and I can't think fast at all, so on the spot I am useless. But now that 3days have passed I have come up with two good ones!!!
#1. Note to self fun fruits do not belong in your nose - sorry kid, but you learned your lesson

#2.Some times I feel guilty because when I would babysit you I would watch headbangers ball on Mtv and you would sneak out of your room and I would find you sitting on the floor at the other end of the couch, and now your way more of a metal head then I ever was!
Ok now that I have made myself seem like the worst babysitter ever, I have to say I can't believe my little cousin who used to run at top speed around mom moms house like it was a race track, climb up pop pop in his chair like he was a mountain, the kid who loved trucks and ninja turtles more then anything, the kid who loved rubber spiders and snakes is GETTING MARRIED!!! Well Congrats we love you and Kymm and we just can't wait!! Pretty soon us kids will all be old married people!!!



is that Shawn's baby?????? OMG!!!

Jeff said...

I was over Kymm's the other day for her b-day and Kevin says to me, "Exactly two months until I get married." And I looked at him and he looked scared as hell. lol I laughed.

Daily dose of Dana said...

Gess - It is Seans baby she looks like Maureen doesn't she!!!

Jeff - I bet he is scared - poor kid!!! He will be fine though!!!

Jeff said...

It's good to see pics of Madison smiling. lol