Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Goodbye Dirt Squirt, Helllllooooo HERO (LOVE THE PREGNANT HORMONES)

Thursday night when I left work at 8:30 pm I called my husband to see what he was up to and he informed me he was at the Volkswagon dealership. I was a bit dumfounded at first, and then realized that my darling husband (lol, because I mean it at this moment) was working on something. He was actually trading in our Jeep for a regular 4 door car. And honestly this made me feel like he was doing something, finally, for "OUR FAMILY".
I can remember when we bought the jeep, I remember feeling so sad that it was a stick shift, because I cant drive stick shifts. You woud think I can learn too, but I can't, I make stick shift vehicles jump like frogs and its very scarey. But I loved being in it! I loved the hard top, the soft top, the no top, the no doors, It was so much fun. I loved the Jeep waive that you just did when people in other jeeps drove by, It came with an elite sense of belonging.

Billy loved the jeep too, more then any other car he ever owned, and I loved that he loved it. Might as well love what you pay for every month right!
He would disapear into the Jersey pine lands for whole days sometimes. One time he came back and the whole thing and him were covered in mud and it smelled so bad. It was disgusting, but he was all happy and he was just as happy cleaning it all up too. Sounds weird, but he did love getting it all muddy and cleaning it all up too!

Everyone could just see how happy and content he was to just drive aimlessly in his jeep. It was his car his means of transportation, to and from work, but it was his weekend toy too! He made "Jeep friends" in the NJ Pines and he always just had a great time!

We called it our "Dirt Squirt' and we drove it all the way to Pennsacola, Florida. It was so much fun, I loved being in it and Billy loved driving it. He took lots of pictures of it and we have a lot of fun memories!

So now here we are 6 plus months preggers and I think reality krept up on my husband.
I told Billy he didn't have to do this now, we could wait - the baby isn't coming til February. He told me to relax he was handling it.
The jeep has two doors, which I knew meant this car would not be kid friendly. The only way to get a baby in a car seat without a sling shot would be to put him in without the windows in the jeep and that would make for a terribly cold ride for a baby in Febraury.Plus the back seat is like a bench seat and there is no trunk so the dilemma did exist. I just figured we would cross this bridge as gently as possible when we needed too.
For me this was the first "Daddy" thing Billy did. I was so proud inside because all this time I have felt so alone and so miserable being sick and uncomfortable and feeling like he got the easy part to just sit back and wait. I was mean and nasty for a good part of the last 6 months and I know that but at the same time I had no idea what was happening to me, and I was winging it. I couldn't prepare myself let alone prepare those people around me. I was a little jealous that Billy got to keep living his life as normal, like this pregnancy was normal, and I fealt like I wasnt even human anymore. I haven't even been able to get in the jeep since August because I havent even been able to climb up into it since I popped out.
So Billy traded the "Dirt Squirt" for a fully loaded plain 4 door sedan thats really good on gas. Its roomy enough for the 3 of us, has the car seat hook ups all ready and a full size trunk for the stroller and its more of an economical vehicle.
I have been so proud of him since he did it, we went and picked a car seat that would be good for him, and we left the jeep at the VW dealership and never looked back....
I have been a little broken hearted about it, and I thought I was broken hearted for Billy, but he hasn't expressed one ounce of regret. He is truly my Hero! He has actually been in love with his new car since he got it and he is even so much more excited about the baby. I was thinking maybe because I look more and more preggers every day Reality is finally setting in for all of us!
Well Friday night we were out peruzzing the furniture stores, looking at recliners because the couch, and laying down are no longer friends of mine. Billy thinks a recliner will do the trick and treat me much nicer then the couch or the bed. So my hero, who is becoming quite the dad lately, wanted to take me recliner shopping, So let the hunt begin! Well we were driving up Route 1, which is not only the shopping alley that the mall, the shopping centers and all furniture stores sit on, but so do al the car lots in the area. And there were traveling down Route 1 and there it was, the "Dirt Squirt" up on a ramp sitting on the VW used car lot high above all the other cars, for all the world to see, it was glorious and amazing and then I burst into tears.
Billy started laughing at me.
I was so crushed instantly, a week ago that jeep was mine, it was loved and it was good to us. (Do you hear me, I never even drove that Jeep!?!?!?!) I started crying even harder. I asked him to not drive by here ever again. I fealt like they put it up there to make people want it, and it worked, because I wanted it back. I hate when people throw things in my face, and I really fealt like VW threw my jeep in my face.


JORDANA said...

Awwww Dana! Been there with the hormone trips! CONGRATS!! When are u due?

Jeff said...

Yeah I drove by it and saw it the other day. I did laugh to myself though thinking of you crying! Love you!

Lena's Life said...

It's ok know how the hormones affected me, i can imagine you crying when you went past there...i cried when dave wanted a mini van! LOL!!!!

Pammy J said...

You rock my socks, D!!!!!