Saturday, July 25, 2009

Two Christenings, A birthday bash, a funeral and a flashing...

So the last few weeks have been jam packed my book is building like crazy and I love it more then anything. this will be a long one!!!
I know that its been crazy keeping up with me and blogging as been put to the side but I do try and so today I sum a up a whole month of craziness in one post! So bear with me, I have been trying to feed my updates through twitter and facebook, so feel free to join me there too! Its mostly random comments of thoughts that I wouldn't dare say out loud but its fun I am even guilty of drunk tweeting and facebooking via my blackberry from Las Vegas but ya never know what your going to get with me!!!
At least on here you can get the pics!
Well we kicked this month off with Amelias christening and that was an amazing day. This little girl is so precious to both me and Billy, we were so honored to become her Godparents, it really meant a lot to us. He was sooo excited and i think he totally feels a connection to her and her family so all in all its a wonderful thing! Thing is I think I feel so bad for her, because when she grows up and she looks back at the pictures she is either going to love me for being crazy or she will just think I am plain crazy! Guess we will have to wait and see!

I love this little angel face.

So then we had Victorias 11th birthday party! All of Billy's cousins little kids were there and believe me there is too many to count!!! So it was a big partyand we took some pics! But I know I didn't need to tell you that!!!

This is Marissa and her sister!
This is Sierra!!! She cracks me up too because every time she sees Billy she stops and smiles it cracks me up!!!
This is Victoria the birthday girl!!!

this is Gabrielle, sooo adorable with this larger then life personality!!! look at her dress, I thought it was so cute she had it on backwards, I love when kids dress themselves!
This is Carla she is adorable too!

This is Kierra and Salina, love this pic!
Then we had Tylers Christening and he was Baptsed with Starla, Marissa, Sierra and Selina, the priest was a riot he was def. amused by baptising 5 kids at the same time!

look at the priest wearing carlas tiarra!!! So adorable!!!

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